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  1. Almost harvest time! First time grow by fluke... AT MY WIDOW SILL! (long story but true ;) ) isnt she a beaut?! IMG_20170716_225742_129.jpg 20170716_224720.jpg 20170716_224654.jpg 20170716_224649.jpg 20170716_224608.jpg 20170716_224557.jpg 20170716_224538.jpg 20170716_224532.jpg
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  2. Not bad at all! You've had this going for months huh
  3. One of the better window sill grows ive seen, AWESOME!
    Give some details, how long veg how long in flower
    Nutes? Ect...

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  4. About 8 month's lol from seed to bud.. In this crazy Canadian weather :'D
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  5. It's been growing 8 months from seed to bud.. veg for about 4.5 months 3.5 months flower to bud. Only nutrients I gave it was miracle grow from about January to April
  6. Okay with that time span doesnt seem as awesome, haha still pretty great. And with miracle grow. Jesus. Im canadian so i know how rough it gets sometimes, you have a green thumb. To use such inefficient means and create something like this. Id like to see what you can do with a perfect enviorment.

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  7. epic

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