my beautiful saturday

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  1. I'm not one to often start threads, but I just wanted to tell everyone about the great day I had!

    Right now I'm home at my parents' house in NJ for easter, and today i went up to visit some friends in north jersey who we don't get to see too often. They live within walking distance of a huge lake, so when we got there, we went right down to the lake and just enjoyed the beauty of it for a while. It was at least 80 degrees out today...sunny and warm...the kind of days that make you really appreciate nature.

    As it was getting dark we went back to the house. My sister and one of the friends stayed back at the house, and me (21/f) and her younger brother ( a brother to me) went out back into the woods, found a chill spot, and sparked up a fat J. It was so great...the weather was so nice and this kid is my lil weed protege...he always has lots of questions for me about smoking and i was the one to introduce him to it. I've also been hooking him up when i can, so it was great to get to smoke him out in the company of mother nature, just relaxing on some big rocks watching the sunset and puffin away.

    There's no real climax to this story...just wanted to tell it. G'nite!
  2. Geez! You're makin' me homesick! I used to live in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Now I'm living in the plains of the midwest... just flat as far as the eye can see... nothing to look out over but flat land. Hey, while you're there, smoke one for me, would you, to let Mother Nature know I'm still here...! :cool:
  3. Oh I love to smoke outside when natures at its best. So nice near a lake or in the woods. :smoking:on!

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