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My Beautiful Pickup!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by goodtimes91, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Decided I would grab one more piece of glass, might as well.

    Here we are my new beauty!

    David Goldstein 13" Fritted Disc - no I did not get a colored one.

    MGW Showerhead Ash Catcher - 14 Slits, not sure about if anyone has heard of MGW Glass.

    And a Koji Bowl - didn't want to spend too much but still keep fancy.

    DG 13" Fritted Disc + MGW Showerhead AC + Koji Bowl - Milkshot! - YouTube

    Stay Medicated! :hello::wave::hippie:

    PS (sorry its dirty)

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  2. i love Koji man nice pickup! And we have defiantly heard of MGW around here.
  3. Lol'd at the dog stopping what he was doing to watch you rip the bong :p

    nice pieces man.
  4. Thanks I do like the Koji -

    I have never heard of MGW, I hope good things are heard?
  5. Its 100000x then what most ppls who don't know there stuff post. In the high end glass game they are not top of the line but they are alright. For a simple circ ac its fine. I'm just a bit of a snob and personally don't like MGW lol but they are a good company. Btw lower the water in your dg!!
  6. Yes please what should I have my AC and DG at water level wise? I need some advice as I am playing with it now
  7. The dog wants to rip the bong haha. Nice piece man.
  8. Both of my dogs are green friendly

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