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my beautiful new piece =)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cerebral Peace, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Just bought this gorgeous little number on Etsy. I am IN LOVE with this thing. Good weight, fits nicely in the hand, pulls sooooo smooth. The hole is the perfect size; not too big. And just plain beautiful =) I smoked 2 small bowls, and I was FUCKED up. Way more than with the pipe I've been using. Let me tell you, I was fucking BLASTED.

    This pipe kicks so much ass ^_^





  2. Congrats on a nice piece buddy :) Happy toking :smoke:

    Does she have a name?
  3. very nice. i love the design :D
  4. Looks good bud, I love spoons. Yes they burn like a bitch compared to bongs but something about them just feels right.
  5. Has a cool look. I like the color too
  6. How is it that they made the glass look like stone, never saw a piece like that..? spoons are the best smoking device, best compromise between everything. Hits, taste, portability, ease of use, durability, ability to conserve... cant say enough good stuff bout them.
  7. My boyfriend and I were trying to think of one. He suggested Snow White lol. I kind of like that, but I'm still thinking. I'm kind of big on naming things so I want it to really mean something, ya know?
  8. It's etched. Originally the outside of it was clear, but the design is etched out in negative, so it shows up in the clear, unetched parts. On the inside it's greenish blueish grey, so it has that stone look =) And I agree! I love spoons! Way easier than rolling and way less bulky than bongs.
  9. sick piece man :)

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