My beautiful bong

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    [​IMG] I have the one on the left. I named him the Atomic Bong, cause at the most it'll take two hits to do the job. Mine's red, white, blue, though. different bowl, too.

    The bowl's got a doughnut in it like this bong to separate the smoke

    This bong will KILL YOU. no joke.
  2. Oh, it's also two feet tall and really thick glass
  3. uhh...

  4. really thick glass?
  5. a doughnut to "seperate the smoke"?
  6. these aren't even pictures you took?
  7. Wow I thought I was the only one to name my bong The Atomic Bong.
  8. Take pics, and that doughnut thing can be used for ice cathing
  9. I cant take pics... and the doughnut isnt for ice. It isn't in the bong part, it's in the bowl.

    Its like bowl, then doughnut, then stem. It just kinda separates the smoke to look cool.

  10. Sorry to burst your bubble but I also know someone who has a bong that they've named 'The Atomic Bong', I guess it's a popular name lol. I thought it was pretty clever the first time I heard it.
  11. ummm, ya the dough nut is for catching ice... i don't even get what that means it's in the bowl, i'm looking at the picture and it's nowhere near the bowl

  12. that isnt a picture of the guys bong i think he was just doing it so we could visualize but i think what the man means is this :
    coming from the bottom of the bowl is the "doughnut"
    doughnut reconnects into on peice and is inserted into the downstem
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    alright, gonna clear this shit up. the first pic is one that i found of the same shaped bong, and the second pic is of an unrelated bong. it is just there to show what i mean by doughnut. the bowl i am speaking of is not in these pics, and i couldnt find an example on google. I'll make an example in paint... it'll probbably suck though... Stoned.

    EDIT:so yes, exactly what this last dude said.

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