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  1. High,

    this is the second time I grow some mary jane outdoors; this is a picture of my plant last year:

    in the next post I'll post some pictures of my plants (or how do you call them when they just popped out of the ground? -seedlings?)

    anyway have fun and if you have any comments (what fertiliser to give them, what not not to do, what I can do better ...), please tell me :)


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  2. total view:

    nice and sunny, when it gets/rainy colder I can always put them inside (behind glass, no lamps or whatever ...)

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  3. the two plants in brown pots are bought from a growshop in Holland, but this one is doing much better than the other one as you can see :)

    /edit: i'll try to post the pic later, errors and stuff :-(
  4. this is the other one, but something's wrong here ...

    I have the impression this one is already in bloom, is this possible?

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  5. are these looking any good?

    i have the feeling the stem is a bit too long and fragile compared to the leaves, no?

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  6. so this is a picture that belongs in my third post

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  7. 1st picture uptop nice photochop :) let me ask you, did you jus put the seed out there and let it do its thing? what kinda nutes did you use and how often? what did you yield? then i have some questions about your currents. do you always grow more than one seedling per pot? and how long you been growing?

  8. well I first put the seed on some moisturised kitchen towels, let the root come out of the seed (I don't know how you call this process ...) ... put it in the ground and just let it grow :)
    I have no idea what kind of seed I used, this was given to my by a friend and he doesn't know either.

    in total I had some 150grams, not bad but I expected a lot more (I was so stupid NOT to kill that male you see on the first picture (the long plant) and I put it some 50 metres away from the female but it must have received some seed from the male plant and so I got some good weed combined with seeds ... (the seeds that are used fr th eplants you see in the next photos ;-)

    this is my second summer I grow weed, I've never done indoor growing, but a lot of friends of mine have but that is just not my cup of tea :p

    and I have put 2 or more seedlingsper per pot ... maybe that wasn't the right choice, but I'm going to put them in bigger pots this week (each plant gets a brown pot like the other two)

    sorry for my broken English btw :)


  9. so ... big trouble in little pots

    anyway when I woke up this morning I (as usual :)) went to take a look at my plants that stay outdoor.
    all of the little seedlings lay flat on the ground, no sign of lige ... only one was still standing
    I'll take a picture as soon as I can, so I'm nog giving up hope but this was a bllody nightmare to me :(

    and so I started to plant some extra seeds in case of ...

  10. as you can see ...

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  11. snif :(

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  12. the one in the top left corner was doing fine this morning ...

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  13. this one's doing excellent :-D
    I was told this is a Jack Herrer.

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  14. HIGH All, so what did you do? Did you start them indoors and then took them outside and left them could be you didn't harden them O.F.F.F. do this set then in a protected (out of the wind and direct sun) outdoor location during the day (only for short periods of time) and move it back indoors at night. Doing this for several days your Babies will love you to the end my friend.

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  15. ok thanks for the tip

    they have always been outside, day and night, but from now on i'll make sure they stay inside when it's getting cold, windy ...



    BTW: one of the seedlings was torn out of the soil, so it was laying on the surface with its roots ... how strange is that? (could have been the wind?)
  16. HIGH All, might as well keep them out now..just put them some where out of the wind and put something over them at night.

    I don't thing the wind did it...pulled it out, not just fell over?
  17. too late ... they're inside now :)

    it was the wind, my dog, my brother, some evil leprechauns, i don't know ... it sucks :-(

    anyway peace out!

  18. picture update:
    total view:

    some of them are dead as hell, but i hope some of these little ones will survive (the biggest one is only one week old and growing like mad!)

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  19. this is my pride (jack herrer), beware of big evil dog!!! (he won't hurt a fly but he looks kinda dangerous :p
  20. forgot the picture

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