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  1. Here are some pics i have uploaded for now ill have more later. These are of unknown strain. Grown with dutch masters advance. Im using a 1000 watt mh for veg and 1000 watt hps for flower. Also there are in a flood and drain system. Let me know what you guys think. This is 4 weeks into flower.

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  2. nobody has any comments or is everyone waiting for more pictures?
  3. Yeah, I've got a comment. Those babies are gorgeous!
  4. they look ok, but it seems you should have more bud than that @ 4wks w/ a 1000w. they may need some magnesium (epsom salt) 1tsp per gal, b/c the leaves are pointing up, like praying, which is a sign of mg def. & whats your temp, b/c the leaves curl up at the end which can be a sign of heat stress.
  5. thanks headshopgirl. jcj i have been having a problem with my heat in the low 80's since i added a dehumidifier. The humidity was hitting 80%to 90% now its down to around 45% but the heat is up. As the diffency i just flushed a few days before that photo as some of my leaves turned yellow, thinking it had a nute lockout nitrogen deficiency. i know the Dutch Master advance has Mg in it maybe ill add some extra. What would you use for a nitrogen booster? i need to post the rest of the pics i have. and i looked at my calender i was wrong it was 3 weeks 4 this weekend.
  6. you can use any fert w/ nitrogen in it, just use it at a 1/4 - 1/2 strength. some yellowing is completly normal when they are flowering, the plant is useing the energy from the leaves to help with the buds. try adding a fan or more fans, which will help w/ humidity & heat, & use unsulferedized molassas @ a rate of 1-2tsp per gallon of water will help fatten up the buds. a quick note, u can buy "calcium chloride" @ a pool supply store, & place some w/ some salt about half way in a gallon ziplock bag, poke holes at the top, & hang it up right in grow room. this will dehumidify the room. its the same stuff in "Damp Rid" (which are 5-6$ each, & dont last long), vs making you own w/ the above, u can get like 5lbs of calcium chloride for like 10$
  7. nice looking buds.

    answer to your question, I don't have any airstones etc in my reservoir. The RO just tops off as needed. I haven't had any issues with the water storage. I can fill a glass and drink from it. :D
  8. they were nice buds. my house was recently broken into and all my plants taken. they used a crowbar on the backdoor so i have no buds now. as i am securing the premises to prevent future attempts.
  9. did you show the wrong person or what?
  10. it may be cool to show ur shit off but show it off you gonna get ripped off.;)
  11. I wasnt show my shit off only a few people knew about it. Someone had to have found out inadverntly or one of the people that knew are shady. Im doing my own investigation. When i figure out who did it thet will be treated accordingly and wont want to steal from anyone again.
  12. Gorgeous!!!! pLEASE HELP ME! LOL.
  13. that fucking sucks man, I only have one plant and if someone stole it I would murder them!!!:devious: Good luck with finding out who it was, just try to get your shit back and maybe just break a few bones, nothing crazy;)

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