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  1. Hey everyone! This is my first outdoor plant. It is grown completly naturally, with no fertalizer or anything. I'll post a new image once a week or so to let you know how its doing. Any questions or commets are welcome. Here is the first picture. This was taken about a wek ago. I'll post a pic of how its doing now tomorrow, because its dark outside now.

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  2. What's the difference in the weed to go all natural??
  3. I'm not really the one who you should ask that... because I'm a beginner and dont really know. Probally it wont get as big or potent as it could possibly be if it was with chemicals, but I like to do it the way nature intended, not man.
  4. This is what it looks like now... anybody know why the leaves are turning brown on the ends? i drew red arrows to the part I'm talking about

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  5. Had to cover up the plant today for about 20 minutes, because this fuggin helicopter kept circling and flying real low. Hope he didn't see the plant

    <- _
    L |
    <- _

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  6. lmao, do helicopters usually circle your house at low altitudes? umm, that might be something to worry about...

    but i doubt that they could see that little tiny thing, do you have it in a big pot or something? or have a bunch of planting pots lying around or something?
  7. yeah i am worried about it. Its in a garden with a bunch of normal plants. Its planted in a 5 gallon container. But its not near the otehr plants its off by itself so it stands out. I'm not really sure i should mention the location of this garden, because i know my mom would find this forum eventually and may guess its me, due to the unusuallness of the location... but lets just say that i cant put it near the other plants because of where it is. Anybody have a good idea on how to camo the plant? I hate cop helicopters!

  8. your mom will find this forum? what the hell are you talking about...not to mention the fact that she may guess its you? lol your crazy
  9. must be all the pot making me parinoid.

    no, serriously though... my moms fuC*in nuts. She often researches sites i go to, and she can type my screen name in to (wich is related to and it will show her all the sites where my screenname is used... Not the normal parent, I have to go through much greater lengths then most of you to hide sh** like this from her. On another topic, anybody know why the leaves are turning brown on the edge?
  10. heat stress possibly.

    lol, yea, you dont wanna tell your where your plant is and yet you keep talking about it on the forum that you're afraid your mom will goto and yet you even send in pictures... so she could just look at the pictures and know its yours...
  11. your mom is that insanely overprotectively paranoid and you are growing weed in your backyard? is this smart
  12. wow that heli was close...sure your mom wasnt in it whatching joking.....

    look under the leaves of your plant see if theres any insects there.....ive never seen leaves do that befor....

  13. hows she gonna tell the location...if its just pics of soil....

    wat type of soil are you using?

    are you using fertilizer?

    i dont think it would get heat stress being outside

    wat have the temps been in your area latley?

    ive been having this same thing with the tips of my little pisses me off..

    any experience outdoor gr0wers kno wats the problem?

    gr0wer, shade..... u got this?
  14. check the pH levels of your soil too, if it's too high it'll cause that too... Hows the wind in your area? if it hasn't been windy even just a little, it could be heat stress too...
  15. Sometimes cops circle areas in helicopters when there might be like a burglar or someone who escaped or a high profiel person with a gun so that they can find them.
  16. an update: heres another plant next to it that i transplanted... seems to be doing quite well

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  17. another

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  18. heres the one i transplanted.. its growing short and out words... just what i wanted

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  19. another view of the transplated one. It looks like its bent over, and it is. It follows teh sun. In the morning when the sun is in the other direction, it bends the other way. At noon, when the sun is overhead, the plant stands up straight. And in late afternoon, it bends to follow the sun. Cool huh?

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