my bday

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 18, 2006.

  1. well today im 19 :smoke:

    ive had 7 beers, smoked a white owl stawberry blunt (AMAZING), smoked a couple bowls of some DANK, and im having a great night :smoke:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :bongin:
  3. happy birthday, bro.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :smoke:>:smoking:
  5. hell yeah dude, good luck in life, cause 7 beers and a blunt and i would be sleeping standing up so dont get to fucked up and start getting into some shit with the lovely authorities in your town,
    keep burnin
  6. nah dude im at my moms house and she bought me beer, i bought the blunt and im smokeeeeen.... sorry smoked 2 bowls and had 1 beer since last post.... now im all outta beer im pissed. i got a cig though. i think i might smoke it... doesnt compare to a blunt though :(
  7. i am a little late but...

    happy birthday man, sounds like you had a pretty decent time,even tho u ran outta beer

  8. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! YUUMMM! What I could do with a sweet 19 year old!:love:

  9. oooh baby. you can do anything to thjis sweet 19 year old ;)
  10. Sorry Im late, hopefully you had a good birthday dude. Landed on the same day as one of my best friends.
  11. Happy Birthday :) hope you had a great day...
    ps..your sig still trips me out
  12. Hope you had a good birthday, bro. Mine's coming up too. Turning 19 later this summer. :)
  13. hey man your birthday is pretty close to mine mine is may24th hell yea man enjoy your bday sounds like as if you are have fun man:smoke:

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