my bathroom towels dont smell like grapes anymore

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    man ight i'm chillin in my bed and i smeeked on my toliet like how i usually do and was blowing the smoke into my towel and was like man that towel is soft as hell and i realized they dont smell like grapes anymore man. I almost died jo, see they used to smell real good, i think my memah did something to them. She made a secret concoction to make them smell like nothing because she opened up where i got all my stuff and was like OMG Mary jane is in my house!! It was funny as hell jo but it aint sweet ya feel me so i was a smokin, smellin towels so i decided to start up lord of the rings on netflix and realized that fuckin aragorn is such a badass but we gotta stay strong jo because the snlapadips are at the door trying to obtain the keep but we cant let them do that we gotta beatem up real good or we'll lose the trophy of thoramemnon, that sacred vase of the fallen, it traps the spirits of war into the jar and then my house will be ok and i can go back and get cookies n shit, oh my shit samoahs are the best cookies ever, they're so dank i fuckin love girl scout cookies jo ya feel me.

    I havent proof read this but ya i'm chopped jo and i tend to ramble when i'm chopped so this is documentation jo ya feel me?

    EDIT: for anyone who enjoys my rambling or atleast found it someone entertaining, here is a link to the original ramble that sparked this continuation.
  2. Ok J-Roc whatever you say. You still livin' in your mom's trailer?
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    Blew my mind.
  4. Wuddup jo?
  5. wtf is this
  6. Hahaha! :smoke:

  7. these are going to be the lyrics to my 1 hit wonder.

    so i was a smokin', smellin' towels
    smokin' smokin', smellin' towels
  8. Gimli would pwn Aragorn.
  9. No. I don't feel you.
  10. gimli is a faggot

  11. Dwarves are way more badass then men.

    They can drink all they want and mine for gold and precious metals in mountains. Nuff said.
  12. hell no, if anything aragorn would have some moral conflict killing a friend and gimli would just fail with his axe and aragorn jumps around him saying i dont want to fight you friend and gimli will never get him you know why? Cuz he's small, enjoys salted pork and malt beer
  13. See my above post.

    Dwarves win, hands down.
  14. no you see now you're generalizing the whole species. I agree that dwarves do pwn hard but in a gimli vs aragorn scenario then aragorn would own
  15. Ok, fair enough, only because Aragorn can command the dead and has the Flame of the West though.

    But Dwarves vs Men in general. Dwarves would win, no doubt.

  16. Dwarves FTW!!


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  17. dwarvfes h4ve 2 ench pens
  18. agreed
  19. Lol'd big at "Memah"

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