My bands DEBUT ALBUM! Galaxy Dynamite LIVE!

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    Whatsup GC

    This is a final rough draft (lol) of my bands debut album.

    I kno downloading a megaupload .zip file SUCKS but its the only way i can keep the quality. And I know diving into a potentially 10 minute download with no idea how it sounds is hardly ideal. Please take a look though.

    Quick and easy stream (more spaced out/named tracks

    Heres a quick video to give u an idea of our sound


    Perfect for the car. I present to you a culmination of almost 2 years of absolute passion

    Galaxy Dynamite LIVE!
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    Password to open .zip = rage

    PLEASE COMMENT. Help keep this thread alive so more blades can take a look and support. If you dig this: TELL SOMEBODY.

    Please let me know if you have any problems much love!
  2. Awesome dude I always enjoy your bands music when you post up it up.
  3. Fuck ya much appreciated blade
  4. Sweet song, dude. I'll give the album a download.
  5. We're y'all high when you came up with that name??
    ....not a good thing
    Just Sayin
  6. Thanks zizzy, and tweety i LOVE my bands name if you listrn to is u can see how it fits
  7. givin it a dl, hope it sounds better than the utube video haha. ill come back and say what i think later.
  8. feelin it

    Im on the 1st track...minute 4 of 11 hah
  9. Sick!!!!!! thanks for taking the time to check us out
  10. i liked it, but like all my qualms with electronic music was it got a tad repetitive, but i mean in the genre ur all good, its just not really my genre. Anyways well done, u play the drums right? i think it was track 5 unnamed that was my favorite. Like i said in some other thread u guys have that good energy of electronica bands where when they peak and build up and then change u know the crowds gonna be bumpin and cheerin and throwin down
  11. Thankyou so much for taking the time to check us out and let me know your thoughts
    Track 5 is titled "Dirty Momma"

    Thanks again
  12. im gonna be listening to music anyways, might as well check something new out. i didnt really take any time out of my day, thanks for all that credit tho, haha

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