My bands debut album...EASY TO STREAM! Rock/Electronic/Surf/Psychedelic check us out!

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  1. sounds good...needs better recording though to open the sound up more...don't know what the technical term is for that
  2. Thanks it has yet to be mastered, will be done in a few weeks
  3. Sounds pretty good man.
  4. Thanks so much glad u enjoy it brotha
  5. well hot damn, how many threads ya got, anyways that album art is dope, did u do it or one of your friends.
  6. Well i feel like a download is turning people away so this thread has a link to instantly stream the whole thing woo
  7. ShameLess bump
  8. good stuff, could use a little work but I'm digging it, I like the album art or whatever you got going on up there too, kept it simple but it makes you think.
  9. I like it man! Are there 3 people in the band?
  10. That's some sick album art, man. Like, really sick.
  11. Thankyou so much for the feedback guys!!!!!

    And yeah a buddy of mine drew the painting (album art) i LOOOOVVVEEE it
  12. Can I join ur band?
  13. WhAt do u play mayng we coulduse keyboard and percussion
  14. [quote name='"GolgiApparatus"']WhAt do u play mayng we coulduse keyboard and percussion[/quote]

    Keys are one of my weaker points but I play a little bit of everything

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