My band is 1337

Discussion in 'General' started by takenyouth, Feb 13, 2009.

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    p.s. the total plays is "1337"
  2. my bands total views is 4200, sweet haha
  3. how do i get 1337 2?
  4. hey man that first song is pretty sick sounding

    your band sounds legit :smoke:

    Good luck creating musical fusion :smoke:
  5. lol, cool :metal:

    and I love you guys but you already know that :D
  6. such an awesome thing to start a thread about.

    on a related note,
    i have the xbl tag ieet. wanna buy? 5,000 disney dollars.
  7. Kinda pointless, just like this post.
  8. I like your music dude
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    that doesnt even add up to 1337.

    ok this kid is obv just advertising his band.. his last login was a month ago.. wtf.
  10. No shit, I like his music though so who cares? although it should be in the music forum.
  11. you know you want it.

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