My band...check it out please!!!

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  1. Hey guys, check out these vids and let me know what you think of my band. We're trying to spread the word.

    [ame=]YouTube - Take Me To Vegas- Hey Ya (Outkast cover)[/ame] (Cover of Outkast's Hey Ya)
    [ame=]YouTube - Take Me To Vegas- Dan[/ame] (song off our ep)

    Thanks so much

    (Ps im the vocalist)

    Keep blazing :) !!!
  2. you guys sound great. Really great produced studio quality sound on the second song there.:smoke:
  3. as a listener, i didn't like the first one(cover) partly because it was a live recording but mainly just because it didn't really sound right
    but as a temp. critic, you guys def. got potential
    second song, if you guys wrote that, then hell yeah you guys are great, thats a pretty good song man though by itself i wouldn't say it's enough to make you guys amazing, so make more and post up.

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