My baddd ass smoking gear.

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by SkunkWoodz, Dec 21, 2012.

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  2. Pretty legit. What did you carve it from?
  3. They look cool as fuck dude.
  4. Zebrawood.

    14.40 a foot, thus the zmaller zize
  5. These are sweet, thats crazy you were able to trade it for a tablet
  6. Insanely good work, did it take long for you to make buddy?
  7. Well I forgot to mention two packs of papers and two kif spoons and a smokers bowl buddy, annddd a roach clip lol still happy on both sides of the trade though, wish this tablet did more though.

    Thanks for the props guys

    about 7-8 hours I'd say. Dont really keep track.
  8. Looking good, nice work. :smoke:
  9. Just finished this fine piece

  10. that's some fine art.
  11. What am I looking at?
  12. Slide holder, paper holder, matching roach clip, matching poker.

    I call it a smokers organizer

    Ash tree branch from my parents yard
  13. Dude, this stuff is fuckin gold.
  14. Muchos gracias senior

  15. i just went from, wtf is this kid trying to carve here, to "that is literally the most awseome, functional, work of art ever, and this kids a fuckin boss." in literally a second.

    my hat is off to you good sir. and i will be attempting to do a variation of that rolling tray soon.... >_<

    but damn man. thats incredable.

  16. agreed so much.

    and I want that tray, even though I never ever roll, but just because of dem aesthetics.
  17. [​IMG]

    Thanks guys, your praise means the most to me, THANK YOU.
  18. sick work broski, think you can upload a larger/clickable version of that first tray please? looks really good but i cant see close up :(
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    theres a bunch of photos if you google my sig

    edit in- sorry those are as good as I got unless a take a pic of my 4x6 photo of it or contact the kid with it. For a close view maybe click on it then zoom in (ctrl+ for pc).
    #2 lol so Im renewing my listing at a crazy $ to get full size images up
    #3 haha one last edit i promise. Gave my dealer a cherry slide holder sortof like the one pictured for his xmas present. He and his girl loved it, tossed me 2-3 grams of some no name funkadelic in return :D
  20. [​IMG]








    This is what I do lol:hello::wave::smoking::D:p:hello::wave::wave::D:p:hello::smoking:

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