My bad trip

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  1. This was in 1978 or 79 and I had been to the party corner. This was a corner of the parking lot at the high school I attended where people hung out to do drugs etc.
    After smoking some weed I went to Algebra class. It was when I sat down I realized something wasn't right. I was feeling thousands of pinpricks and pinches all over my body and the only thing I could do is lay my head on my desk and bear it. Finally, by the end of class it went away!
    During this time the US government was spraying Paraquat in Mexico and I am pretty sure that's what it was! It only happened one time and the spraying was short lived, thankfully!
  2. damn bro you're probably right, I know they do that to coca plants nowadays in Columbia and other countries in south america
  3. It was either that or joint was laced.
    A friend once said he wanted a jay dipped in formaldehyde.
    This is why its best to grow your own, you know it ain't been messed with!
  4. That definitely sounds like it was laced, not too surprising for that time period either. Lacing joints seemed to be much more common in those days. But that's also 12-13 years before I was born, so what do I know?
  5. Sigh.

    You didn't 'trip' on weed. I really wish people would stop saying that.
  6. Why are you telling a story from 1978?? It better be a damn good story and this was in the words of Charles Barkley just turrible.
  7. You are right, it ain't the best, but there are others posted maybe you'll like them better, maybe not.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Yes, I know, I was not 'trippin', I was using a term more common back then.

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