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My bad trip, please tell me what you think

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justind, May 23, 2010.

  1. Ok so I've been smoking pot for about 2 years now, but i've only started smoking everyday for about a year. Anyway, couple days ago I went to this party with my sister and a few buddies. Everyone there was dropping E, but personally im against that shit so I was the only one there that was only drinking and smoking pot. So I was fine until about 11:30, (I should prolly say that I had not slept in about 24 hours and had not eaten anything either), I was just feeling drunk and a little bit stoned. So I decide to take one last hit from the parachute they had there, ( also it wasnt my weed and I dont know who put it in there or anything).
    So I take the hit, and immediatly It felt really cold inside of my lungs so I exhaled it, And i litteraly left the party right after that toke because I felt something wrong.

    SO I start walking home, I dont live to far from this place really about 10 minutes walk. The first 2 minutes werent to bad I just felt really stoned. About half way I start going numb, I couldnt feel ANYTHING and my vision was starting to blur and it was almost asif someone had turned down the FPS on my brain or something everything was like an old movie, frame after frame.

    So I finally get to the back alley wich leads to my appartment, and I stop walking and I stand there and my vision is getting darker and darker, and im starting to lose my hearing.(I almost blacked out there but with a little push I get to my front door). So I go inside my house, go in the bathroom and I was looking at myself in the mirror and I start squishing my head so hard that I felt like my eyes were going to pop out. After about 5 minutes in the bathroom I go downstairs into my room.

    So I find myself sitting at my computer, that's when I started realising that shit wasnt right anymore, So I say to myself, "Maybe I should try reading something on the computer, it might calm me down", This is where everything starts getting fucked up. I dont even know what I was reading but from what I remember it was a list of words.

    Something like this
    1. Hello
    2. Chesse
    3. World
    4. People

    but then as I was reading down the list, the words started to cross out, and I was like.. "Why are the words crossing out? I dont understand? I only smoked weed? maybe I dropped E and dont remember?" . All these questions where running through my mind and I was getting really scared.

    So about 15 minutes later I decide to go to bed ( I was still tripping out of my mind). So I put it on channel 25 which was the simpsons, and I start watching it but about 20 seconds into it, my left eye starts going crazy, It was literraly twitching from side to side but it felt much bigger than a twitch I couldnt see anything anymore since everything was moving around. So I decide to block my left eye with my hand so I could watch tv, It worked ok for about 15 minutes.. Thats when I started getting a fever. From the way I was sweating and burning, My fever must have been atleast 100 something. I started feeling really sick, and thats when I started to throw up. So I started throwing up all over my floor, (since I was litteraly unable to move my legs at this point and all I could do was lean over and throw up beside my bed) and I was jst throwing up but nothing was really coming out since I hadnt eaten that day. Eventually I lift my head up and look towards the TV and simpsons was still playing, And shit started to get really fucked up, I dont know if I was hallucinating at this point or if it was real but I was looking at the tv and homer's head litteraly ripped off of his body and started floating around and he was singing something in japanese and there was a bunch of japanese girls dancing around. This is when I got overwhelmed with everything and I just blacked out.

    So a few hours later my sister and my buddies wake me up, well they didnt really wake me up it seemed asif when I woke up I was already talking to them? It was really weird. At this point it was about 4 am.

    Thats pretty much the story of my trip.. I'm still not sure if all I did was smoke weed at this point, but i'd like opinions from other fellow smokers.

    I can say though that other people did make a few of my drinks that night if it matters, I dont think I was slipped anything but then again its possible..

    So please tell me what you think, and hopefully I dont look like to much of a noob hehe :p.


  2. Well there's your problem lol, that sounds like a terrible, terrible trip and i'm sorry but you should NEVER hit something if there's a lot of people there, you don't know what's in it and you didn't see who packed it.
    Know how they say don't leave your drink unattended at clubs? same shit goes with weed, know what you're hitting before you hit it.
    other than that i hope you're feeling alright, that sounds like you went through hell and back :eek:
  3. You just got ultra stoned. I felt the exactly way you felt, i was fine for half an hour then then i felt sick and started to vomit. Its all good :smoking:
  4. Sounds like you took nitrous instead of a hit of weed.

  5. thatd be my best guess. happens to me sometimes when i smoke and drink a lot. especially if you haven't slept in the last 24 hours - ur body is extremely tired and smokin and drinking definitely isnt gonna help the situation. its all good though man, take a day or two off and GET SOME SLEEP!
  6. * You don't trip off marijuana.
  7. well you've been blazing for 2 years now, so you should know how weed affects you. and I'm guessing that this is the first time that's happened to you, so it probably wasn't just weed.

    bad idea of hitting some weed that was already packed and you don't know who packed it, sounds like you were freaking out pretty hard. maybe you were slipped something in a drink, maybe the weed was laced, etc.
  8. Not sure man it sounds like you could have had something slipped in a drink. I doubt the weed was laced/whatever you smoked, but honestly you were at a party with a bunch of kids rolling... so... not sure really.

    I've heard of booze and weed not mixing for some people, so perhaps it was that?

  9. That actually is in an episode of the simpsons ! But it sounds like you had a bad trip on something !

  10. Really? I thought marijuana was technically a hallucinogen:confused:
    Could be wrong though....
  11. If they were dropping E they most likely laced ur hit.
  12. oh, this is some fantastic logic.
  13. it was definately laced dude... ur at a party where people are droppin E there's bound to be some pcp or laced shit... maybe someone even put shit in ur drink?? plus not sleeping for a day can make u feel terrible without weed or alchohol so get some damn sleep man!!
  14. i bought the stinkiest dankest 60$ 1/8th from my local medical clinic and i cashed it all to my dome in one night while taking shot after shot of everclear 75% alc and i felt like a king
  15. hahahahhah maybe they put some rabbit shit in your bowl
  16. yes, definitely. :rolleyes:
  17. I kinda felt like that once. I quit smoking for a little while. Then one night, I copped some good ass dro and smoked a whole blunt to the face. But, I didn't throw up or anything intense like that...just the dizziness and blurry vision and nervousness. My whole body felt as if it were on some crazy rollercoaster.

    Sleep deprivation is no joke man. Try sleeping every night :). It sounds like you pushed your body to the limits by not eating or sleeping but got FUCKED up :smoking:
  18. Do you drink+smoke a lot? Cause when I first started combining them it would fuck me up SOOO much:smoking:

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