my bad for causing a ruccuss(sp?)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InnerPeace, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. yeah, I'll be chill i got some OG kush:smoke: well, not anymore:eek:
  2. you caused a ruccuss?
  3. I caused hate. And I dont like hate
  4. ew, that is bad. hope everything works out. hate is a bad thing.
  5. yeah, I'm all about spreading a pie's worth of love to everyone you know.:smoke:
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  7. hahahah I was like this dude name is innerpeace and he created this thread?!
  8. Well at least you're taking the high road...

    I only wish I was an e-thug too...jk
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    yes, one day you will be. If it's your desire to be one.
  10. yea, irony lol
  11. I love love AND pie!
  12. Reasons pie is better than love:

    1) Pie doesn't want to talk after you're done eating it
    2) If you ration it right, pie will still be there in the morning
    3) Bad pie still doesn't taste better after you've had a few drinks
    4) Pie can't tell when you're checking out other pies
    5) Pie can (legally) be bought and sold
    6) The best tasting pie is never the prettiest
  13. I dont mean to rain on your pie parade. but everyone recieves one pie and there all equally filled with all the same ingredients. Love.
  14. pie in a pussy is what u need.
  15. the pussy is the pie. the pie is the pussy:eek:

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