my bad experience with a lawn mower

Discussion in 'General' started by dealer#420, May 18, 2006.

  1. well it all started off today, my brother asked me if i could help him fix his lawn mower he got from a friend. well being a little gearhead myself and being a good brother i decided to help. after a short inspection with the lawn mower it was evident that it was getting way to much fuel, not to mention the gas line leaked a little when not pushed 100% on. after a few pulls with the fuel line took off to see if it already had enough fuel i relized it didnt. so i connected the leaky gas line back up to the carb. and to my suprise on the next pull enormous flames shot out of the carb. and onto my hair it went... after a fierce battle to put out the flame, we managed to win the fight.. but in the fight i lost some of my hair haha. its not to bad but the worst part is i forgot how bad burnt hair smells..

    moral of the story - dont take leaky gas lines for granted.. even on lawn mowers
    PS - comments about me being a dumb or so are not need, i am a person who learns from my mistakes.
  2. Jesus Chris dude thats crazy haha. Your hair caught on fire that sucks.
  3. haha nice. i want a pic, badly. one time i thought i burnt my eyebrow off (just one) and i asked my friends cause there wasnt a mirror. they were like OMG U BURNT IT OFF!! HAHAHAHAHA and i was like, shit. i freaked out and almost fainted. it really sucked cause i was really high and would believe anything that was said.
  4. haha this wasnt the first time i lit my hair on fire either, i was stoned the other time. offspring how did you burn off your eyebrow?? i would post a pic but i just took a shower to help with the burnt hair smell, so tomorrow ill prolly post of pic. its nothing to serious just sizzed my hair pretty good :smoking:
  5. Oh damnit im too high i forgot to tell you that they were just kidding and I got really really pissed at them. haha oops. well anyways some of the hair was actually burnt, just not noticable. i was lighting a small pipe and the flame on the lighter was huge.

    OH YEAHH!H!!!!! POST 420, BITCH!!!!
  6. i once toasted off both eyebrows with a potato gun...i was lookin in the open chamber checking the movement of the ignitor (the kind you spin) and my friend was holding it and operatin the ignitor and fuckin spun real hard like an idiot and some there was leftover hairspray and it fireballed into my face and burnt off my eyelashes and eyebrows. freakin middle school stupidity
  7. wow that sounds intense, i have yet to burn off my eyebrows.. but i feel the day getting closer haha
  8. I've brunt my eyebrow lighting roaches.
  9. haha sorry for laughing but that is funny as hell

    atleast it didnt burn it all off or anything where you have to shave your head:smoke:
  10. yea i look back at it now and just laugh, and i am very happy that it didnt all burn up lol that would have been horrible
  11. man, i was opening this up expecting to see somehting like:
    "I was reaching under the mower and the next this i remember is seeing my fingers flying across the yard."

    so I guess it's better losing some hair than some fingers
  12. same, i was expecting gorey pictures of severed limbs and fingers drenched in blood and gasoline
  13. i hate when stuff happens like that, like small explosions.

    oh burnt hair definitly reaks, one time my head ended up in a firepit (dont remember why i was like 14) and it absolutly smelled of ass.
  14. Thats fuckin halarious i would stay away from lawn mowers if i were you
  15. lol. that's some funny shit. I burnt the hair on my fingers off wile making a fireball with my lighter, and burnt a little of my hair when a friend was fucking with some Lysol and a lighter.
  16. lmao thats fucking hilarious man. good think you didn't get blasted in the eye or something that would have caused any real damage.
  17. lmfao at this sentence

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