My bad ass smokeout with my dealer

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SmokinBluntz, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Well Yesterday at around noon I was going to buy a dimo off my dealer and so he was delivering it at the corner a few houses down and so he rolls down his window and his shit is HOTBOXED roudies smoke coming out from his car and he hands me the sack and then he asks if I wanna match and tells me to get in. He hands me a blunt once I get in and I start blazing and also theres 5 people in his car and each one of us are smoking our own blunt! After a few minutes in there I couldn't even breathe, I had to breathe inside my shirt because everytime I breathed it felt like I was hitting a blunt or something. And he rolled down the windows just enough to get some fresh air and let a little bit of the smoke out.

    And then I got out and went to my crib and passed out. I was stoned.

    Also his car was fucking filled with smoke i'm talking about all you could see was the cherries on the blunts and we could barely even see each other, I don't even know how he was driving.

    Well yeah that was a little story.
  2. I love hot boxing cars to the max. Whenever me and my buddies go snowboarding, we hotbox my car before we leave and just roll through the parking lot with smoke pouring out of the car.

    Lol this thread reminds me of Spicoli:
  3. I love that movie, haha.
  4. if the smoke was really that thick then that is crazy, you could get high without smoking anything in like a minute.
  5. I know, breathing in there was like smoking.
  6. now you know how the monkeys felt in that bs docs experiment to try and prove bud kills brain cells
  7. And they didn't even have shirts to breathe into. That must suck.
  8. you've never hotboxed that much?
  9. everyone has their first times man chill out :p
  10. I've hotboxed many times before, but this time it was just crazy, like I said, I could hard see any body it was so smokey, so milky. Haha.
  11. i love hotboxing cars, sheds, rooms, its fucking awesome,

    i remember one time me and a friend hot boxed his car, ya could not see a half foot in front of you, it was crazy,

    sounds like you had a great time...i don't even got a dealer anymore and it sucks!

  12. What movie is that from? Lords of Dogtown? haha I'm dumbbb i guess
  13. fast times at ridgemont high

  14. haha matched and hotboxed my dealers car w/ him today,
  15. man im always so paranoid about hotboxing a car cause in my mind I think that as soon as someone sees it their gonna call the cops

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