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    Less than one hundred dollars, I made a 4x4x8 foot greenhouse right in my backyard. Hidden by tree's, perfect sun all day... I haven't even got to the best part, I am growing (DAnk). On my blog I will be keeping you guys updated on how the plant's are. I updated the blog today, I got pictures of the greenhouse itself and the two plant's. Everyday, in the morning I will take two pictures of each plant, one looking straight down and one to show you the length. Check out my blog, and check out my albums. Please support me this is my first time growing pot.. :) Thnks.

    Please comment if you like my greenhouse idea..

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  2. WOW! im impressed, very nice job

  3. Thanks, Took me around 6 hour's to perfection.
  4. it does look nice, hope it doesnt rip........
  5. Looks chill man, gotta make one of those :p

  6. That's what I said. Eventually I am going to put FiberGlass on it.

  7. Oh, it is Chill. I clam bake it :)
  8. I'd think it gets mighty hot in there on a sunny day. Have you checked the temps?
  9. Nice Greenhouse, make sure you have PLENTY of moving air in there, or mold will be a HUGE problem later as well as the heat like mentioned above

    Good Luck
  10. very nice dude. some huge benofits to that green house but as growerruney said be careful. good luck with the first grow. ill be checking out you blog fo sho
  11. Best sign... EVER.
  12. Save up for tempered glass or polycarbonate.
  13. to reiterate oldskool, what is Ur ventilation system?
  14. Looks awesome bro- I'd be wayyyyyyyy to paranoid for that though. The first time I caught a Buzz & heard a plane, I'd be dissembling it faster than I made it...Peace-
  15. Thats the reason he made it, to shield it from cops flying around, its translucent not fully transparent.
  16. Fiberglass or plexiglass?

    Cause i thought fiberglass was just used as a building material, like for boat hulls etc, but i play hockey and i know plexiglass is strong as hell and would work well, or you could just buy giant sheets of 1/4 inch plastic for cheap, im just throwing out ideas here.

  17. Plexiglass I mean. :)
  18. Alright plexiglass will work well, but im just still saying that sheets of 1/4 inch plastic is much cheaper.
  19. Yeah probably. I will probably do that instead.
  20. saran wrap is good too:smoking:.. or not

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