My baby's unwanted for 4 days during flowering

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Day 6 week 1 flowering day 44 overall week 7.
    So a sad story, i was in vacation i try to left all conditions ideal for my baby's...
    my air conditioner turned off after 1 day and my conditions was like that:
    My max temperature was : 38°c
    My humidity was 22%

    I came back home and can't believe what i see
    I fast gives each one 7.5L water with the right amount of feeding.
    I immediately turn the air-conditioner on down the temperature fastest i can and my humidity back now to 45%
    I can see after 30min that some of the leaf's back up and the green color back to them.
    Any tips to recover my baby's will be amazing!
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  2. A good deep watering and see how they look in a day.
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  3. What can be The consequences for the flowers?
  4. Minimal IME. I've wilted them bad and they always recover and are fine.

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  5. Since they're not flowering yet, they should be fine once they get re-hydrated.
  6. 2 hours after i re-hydrate them

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  7. This photos from this morning
    Look way better but still few Cola's look really bad
    I hope in the next few hours they continue to recover

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