My babys are in the woods. Whats next?

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  1. I planted about 30 seeds in 3 different cups. i had them in a wet paper towel till they sprouted and then now there in top soil. The cups are buried in a hole and they have small holes around the bottom for water. i water them every other day wen it doesnt rain and they have sun wenever its out. i have chicken wire over top of them cuz one got snatched by a deer. i have a pot for wen they sprout up to transfer them into. but my question is: is there anything im missing? i dont no wen i can tell if theyre girls or not but ill have pictures up eventually. they have all sprouted and theyre about 3 inches. any help wud be amazing cuz im running blind here. let me no wat ya think. thanks -Evan R :cool:
  2. Go to absolute beginners section.

    There is loads of helpful information there.:)
  3. yea ive been looking in there for like 4 weeks straight and i learned most of wat i did from ther. i meant to put pictures up with this post but i lost my fone so i cudnt so this thread was kinda premature. but thanks man
  4. Most important take them out of the cups and plant them straight in to the ground ASAP, rest as the previous poster suggested and read especially the stickies.

  5. You can put clear cups or glasses over them to act as a greenhouse and protect them from insects/animals.
  6. will they still grow nicely if i put the clear cups over them? i water them alot anyways so i dont need to worry bout that.
  7. Don't have more than one plant in a pot.

    Thats pretty important.

  8. Yeah it just helps them get started as babies. ;)

  9. The clear cups will block out (some) light.

    Your plants will stretch. (not good!)

    Once your plants have poked out their heads expose them to as much sunlight as you can and forget the cups.

    Water them but don't drown them.

    #1 beginners mistake is overwatering!
  10. The cups cause excessive stretching?

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