My baby

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by XxJWxX, May 23, 2003.

  1. This is my baby, I love her with all my heart.

    No I didnt mean she was literally my baby, meaning i'd somehow impregnated a cavalier king charles spaniel you sick fuck.

    This dog has been through everything with me, shes 12 years old, her name is whiskers (pretty original). Shes smoked plenty throughout the years, actually she used to smoke with me everyday for about 4 months straight. She started sleeping too much and snoring too fuckin loud so I stopped sharing with her and that was when I was sent to the correctional facility. Now im across the sea thousands of miles away from her and thats that.

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  2. awwwww....... that dog is sooooo cute :) pet her for me!?!?
  3. I feel for her, she's 12 and hasnt been laid in her lifetime. I know she's a dog but its still sad. She's too old now and it'd be bad for her if she had puppies so I guess she'll die the worst possible death there is, the death of a virgin. *teary eyed*
  4. The eyes are kinda scarin me a little bit, but it's a cool dog.. a cool virgin dog.. lol

  5. yeah... the eyes...... she totally looks bugged
  6. Thats not crystal meth you see in those eyes...its sexual frustration!

    I think she's about to hump the camera lense!

    hehe, just kiddin'...That's a beautiful dog ya got there.
  7. lol I cant count how many times i've left a baggie of chrystal on my bed and found it missing when I got home...Either she ate it (yes she eats bags and candy rappers and foil type shit) or my brother grabs it. So chances are she is a fucking tweaker

    A sexually frustrated tweaker.
  8. You kiddin......? If I could lick my own genitals, who says I would have gotten sexually involved with anybody.
    She's one lucky mother. :)

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