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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AmyRm112, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. my plant is about an inch and a half big.
    only a couple days old.
    how long am i supposed to keep a humidity tent on it?
    i am only growing one plant.
    should i buy a heat lamp?
    right now it is in soil with a plastic humidity tent and a light pretty close to it (about 3 inches away).
    thanks so much!
  2. on mine i try to keep a humidity tent on mine for the first two weeks. i wouldnt go buying a heat lamp either. what sort of light do you have on it at the moment?
  3. i have like a 30 watt bulb like really close over top of it. like i said above about 3 and a half inches
  4. Wat kind of 30w bulb? If it's a normal incandescent (house light), then you're wasting you're time. Go with HPS or MH for good results m8!
  5. now i am using a 50 w hallogen light.
  6. hallogen sucks dont use that use a Flow or HPS.
  7. Good evenening.

    I just got done harvesting my first plant... I am very proud of my accomplishment, it was very fun and relaxing, great sense of satisfaction and an unexplained urge to plant a hundred seeds on my neighbors lawns while chanting in a sheepskin loin cloth..... all for the low low price of....

    lol ok to get serious here for a minute... if you are only growing one plant, as i did...well.. sort of anyway...

    than fluorescents are by all means satisfactory... dont be told different, however use cool whites if any (for veg stage at least, for flowering you may switch to a more red spectrum light such as warm whites, or gro lux... ive yet to find any gro lux for sale here in the u.s. though) and use at least 80 watts worth of them, the more the better. these fixtures and tubes are very inexpensive as compared to the rivaled hid's and for learning aand first experience situations; they are well suited.

    you want to keep these lights only a few inches from the tops of your plants at all times, and you will want to have the light on 18 hours a day, and off 6 hours... this is done with a timer.. when the light is off... make certian the area is light proof, no peaking during this time, as light interfering with its beuty sleep may result in some bad hair days....for you that is. when you find out they were stressed and produced male flowers as well as your once alone, beautiful and abundant (now few)buds....

    get rid of the hal. get rid of the incan. use cool white fluorescents... at least for the first shot, after which you may very well decide to upgrade to the more productive and efficient hids for bigger, better and faster yeilds....

    take care and good luck.

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