My baby.

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  1. The best so far. Literally 0drag. Cleanest hit.



  2. Spend the extra change and get a bic ur not a crack head
    Nice shit also is that green water or the bong color?
  3. fuck dat green water shit nah meaan ahhhhhh

    edit: Looks like a fantastic piece brethren.

  4. Its a product called Rez block. And I don't use that lighter it was just used for size comparison I use a 5x pure butane torch.

  5. U smoke.with that or cleaning ur peice?

  6. U smoke with it. Keeps resin from sticking. Plus carbon filter= once a month easy bong cleaning. Yes it will stay that clean
  7. Do you leave the same Rez block water in there for a month?
  8. Water levels in the bottom seem pretty high, but I usually keep my bong on the higher water side. Sick piece man, the green water kinda had me gag a little bit, but if it helps with keeping it clean, then to each his own. Carbon filter alone should be good enough though :)
  9. for everyone that will ask about his green water:

    It's called RezBlock by 420Science, Google it. Most (real) headshops carry it now.

    I've used this stuff since it popped up on the scene last year. It's 100% organic, looks like shit after 10 bowls, but literally no resin touches your piece. I don't even use alcohol and salt anymore. I just dump out the water, rinse the bong out a couple of times with clean water, then add in the RezBlock + more water.

    Shits amazing.
  10. Here's mine

  11. Cute kido, congrats.
    Nice peice. Ive never tried that cleaner before. How many slits doea your showerhead have? Btw anyone seen dome perks lately?

  12. 24 slots in the shower head. 15 in the downstem + huge carbon filter = clean
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    And I can add 12 more slits with my shower head ash catcher if I want but Its clean enough without it and keeps it at 0drag.

    And also the carbon filter catches the ash too
  14. [quote name='"Kurtis916"']

    24 slots in the shower head. 15 in the downstem + huge carbon filter = clean[/quote]

    Sweet. It would be nice to come around something like that.

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