My baby: A first evaluation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sourdbaby, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. GS, whats up. Well here she (hopefully) is, this picture is after a week and a couple days since she peaked through the dirt. Right now she is growing under a 2 24inch flouro tubes, and 3 24w 6400k cfls. The enclosure is a 3x3x4 grow box i built.Temps are ranging from 68-88, and humidity is pretty constant 30%. I'm using Coast of Maine organic soils, pretty cheap stuff and the potting soil seems really legit. My only question is, why are all the leaves drooping so much, she already has roots to the bottom that i can see through the drain holes, and the soil drains really good, and i don't think i have been over watering because i only water when the cup is pretty light. My floro is about 5-6 inches about and the cfls are a few inches away around the sides of the plant. Sorry to rant figure i get it all down in the first post:smoke:

    oops unknown selection, and it already stinks a little, and uhh white spots?
  2. pics are way too big
  3. yeah, laughing pretty hard at how gargantious the size is, fixed. but it took like 4 trys i can't handle image shack right now

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