My babies..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by t0r0, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Hi again guyz..

    This is how the look now..
    If I remember well they are "about" 1 month old..
    I got them on 12/12

    I hope they look ok, eh ?

    I'd like to hear some opinions from you "expert" guyz ;-)

  2. Here are they..

    I forgot to attach the photo.. lol

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  3. i would not have flowered them yet, they look a bit young......i'd have waited for another few weeks......also get a fan on them to strengthen the stem, as they will need to support the buds........what kinda light you using?.........Peace out..........Sid
  4. I got a fan today.. :)

    The light is Flouros.

    @sidious: "i would not have flowered them yet" <--- What you mean m8 ?

    By the way, what is HPS and mH ?
  5. i would have waited till they were a bit more developed, HPS stands for high pressure sodium, and MH is metal halide, they are 2 of the best lights for growing the fine plant........HPS is the best all rounder, and would be very benneficial to your grow..........the size of light depends on what size the growroom is, and how many plants your thinking of growing..........the better the lights the faster and stronger the plant will grow.......and with a good HPS the bigger the buds will be, as the HPS gives off a red spectrum, which the plant needs more of while flowering.........Peace out.........Sid
  6. Can somebody plz post some photos of MH lights and HPS to see them so I can go and get them ?

    Or a link to check ?
  7. this comapany has mixed reviews....some like it some don't, but it'll let you see what they look like .......Peace out........Sid
  8. HPS lights are the orange colred street lights

    MH are the bluish-white streetlights.

    You should wait to start flowering when the seventh set of leaves has developed to ensure that the plant has a strong enough stem and root system to support the plant. otherwise you wind up with a plant low on yield.
  9. lets go steal some street lights :-D!

  10. not quite the right type.....more like the ones on the roof's of out........Sid
  11. Thanks 4 the tips guyz.. :D
  12. Like the Movie theater lights that they flash in the air, and like the GREAT bigg hellicpter lights?

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