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  1. Here are my babies! My first grow and I'm being totally relaxed about it, just letting nature take it course kinda thing. I live out in the country and have these lil ones out on my windowsill facing the West so they get the most sunlight my house has to offer. They're only about 3-4 weeks old, but it was suggested to me that I should watch their height as some of the taller ones may be struggling for some sweet sunshine. What do y'all think? If they do need light, what kinda setup should I get? Are there ways to keep the plants shorter as they get older/bigger (preferably under 3ft) of is that dependent upon the strain? Thanks fellow tokers!

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  2. Wtf lol my pics went all crook-ified after posting lol
  3. They look like great plants, get them some more light like a 4 foot shop light and pot them up at least into a big solo cup.
    Shop lights veg plants great with the 6500K daylight spectrum.
    Thank you bunches for your recommendation! At this age, how many hours per day do you think I should keep them under that light? Thanks again!  :smoke:
  5. 18 to 24 hours a day will make them short and bushy. keep the lights close and they will get big fast.
    Do get them in their own pots before the roots tangle and you have to get brutal to separate them.

  6. Awesome man, thanks so much! Knowledge is always appreciated ✌️ By the way, is there a preference of LED vs. fluorescent? I recall I've heard many debate about which is better on many forums including here on Grass.
    Floros are just cheaper than LED. Both work excellent.
  8. LEDs are energy efficient and fine tuned (What I gathered)
    Kind of like the future.
    But they are expensive.
    I think their my next investment in growing. (A LED panel)

    Fluorescent light work great for their cost, and combined with window lighting, they should grow nice.

    They can also be used as just a light when your grows over too!

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