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  1. Theis are some dro seeds that i got outta a bag of mine. They are about 3.5 weeks old. I transfered them into my hydroponics kit 4 days ago. They are under 4 30w floruos.


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  3. Last but not least>>.........

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  4. Hello.

    Is there any way you can lower your lights closer to the tops of your seedlings? they look as though they have begun to stretch, and they may topple over soon if its not corrected. Try and keep flourescents only a few inches from the tops of your plants, if you cant move your lights, prop up your kit.

    take care.
  5. YeaH,
    Your good for now, But you do need to lower your lights. Just make sure your put more hydroton medium in the pots - Up to the top of the net cup. This will give your plant a little more support* Also for some reason the roots on em are pretty thin, make sure you have your fan on at all times. GooD LuCk! =)<zzzô
  6. What is the dynamic of this system? does it fill and drain on a timer? or are the roots suspended in water with an aeration stone or what? Just curious.
  7. It's a emily's garden by hydrofarm. It does not drain on a timer or anything like that just a cheap little kit i bought on EBay, it is pump-aerated. I cannot move my lighting system down so i will prop up my kit with something soon. Also i only got 2 1 liter bags of hydroton thinking that would be good but i was wrong so i have to get more very soon>>>......


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