My babies look bad, PLEASE help!

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  1. I have 4 babies, all about 6 to 8 inches tall. We put them in a room about 5'X10'X9' (that's wide, long, height. I've got 2 500 watt Halogen lights and 240 watts of flours on them, and a lot of fans. The temp is a little warm on hot days (like between 85 and 92) but we keep them sprayed. I don't water too often, but they don't look deprived of water. My problem is they are looking kind of wilted. They have a good color and seem to be growing, but they are sagging. The leaves don't look "perky" or whatever. If anyone could help me out with suggestions or something that would be great.
    Thanks =)
  2. We have 2 big fans on one end of the the room blowing cold air in and the windows open at the other end of the room and the soil doesn't look too wet. Today they are turning yellow =(
  3. High

    Did you say Halogen??? BAD lights for MJ..You can use the flouros but the halogen is a waiste of your time, an may destroy your babys..I use Metal Halide, that is 1 of your options an the other is High pressure sodium..Flours are the cheapest way to go..80* is a optimal temp if you can hold it there..I spray my babys 2 times a week..DIFFERENT STRAINS REQUIRE DIFFERENT CARE!! You got to have good ventolation.. fresh air in , an air moving out..Your PH of you soil needs to be at 6.5 for optimal growing. :D :D
    I hope that this helps you out some..Stay cool an grow big BUDZ.. :D :D :D

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  4. HIGH Pan, how come you say Halogen is a waste of time? My plants look much much better. We have a pretty good constant temp in there and they are growing like crazy. I think I've just got males anyway, but the light seems to be working. I just wanted to know why you think it's bad.
    Becky =)
  5. High Becky

    I know its not good..It is the wrong spectrum..Not for putting out the colors that your plants need.. They are design to put out light an heat only..You can grow with most any light..Results are the BIG difference!!!..
    Study up on it..I wouldn't lie to ya.. :D :D :D
  6. I wouldn't think you would lie to me dude, I was just wondering about it, as for right now I'm gonna have to deal with what I have becasue I am a very very poor pot grower. I've spent way too much money as it is. The lights were cheap though, they were given to me and all I had to do was buy the cords so I could plug them in. See the HIDS around here are only made for outside and I can't hook up a fixture in my apt. Plus they are like over $100 and I just can't afford that right now. But I have 400 watts for flours on them.
    But anyway thanks for all your help in the past few weeks
    Becky =)
  7. High Becky

    If you got 400wats in fluors just use those alone..unless you need the heat? Thats all I used at 1st..Now I use them just for the veg chamber..
    Just trying to help ya out.. :D Stay cool an grow big BUDZ.. :D :D :D

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