my babies are yellowing 1st time grow

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  1. Hello all,  i've run into some issues on my first grow that i'm worried about, would really appreciate some input :)
    indoor soil grow. 
    3 plants northern lights #5 x haze
    3 1/2 weeks into flower
    600w + 400w both cool tube hps
    co2 bag
    Advanced Nutrients:  ph perfect grow/micro/bloom
    bud ignitor for first 2 weeks flower
    last nutrient solution was 7.2ph 900 ppm
    nutrients added every other watering. currently bottom watering through fabric pots.
    i hope the pictures are clear enough to be of help. 
    my plants have shown some small spots on a lot of the leaves for the last 5/6weeks but have seemed healthy up until now. Now some of the fan leaves are yellowing and seems to be worsening. i did let the plants get a little to dry ( i think) and have watered since pictures have been taken. no change yet.  
    lights on temps 23-27degrees
    lights off 18-23degrees
    constructive criticism welcome :) just please help me save my babies. 
    IMG_4589.JPG IMG_4588.JPG IMG_4587.JPG IMG_4586.JPG IMG_4585.JPG IMG_4590.JPG IMG_4584.JPG

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    looks like normal yellowing during flower..
    i wouldn't sweat it too much. Should be fine to run another 6 weeks..
  3. Well this is awkward..... Lol thanks!
  4. Could be a strain issue, some strains will yellow out early in flower.

    I would be more inclined to look at nitrogen deficiency, it can happen if they are not getting enough during flower and that's what it would look like. Despite what many people think, factually the plants still need nitrogen during the flower stage, although "generally" not as much.

    Good luck with it though....
  5. You said ph 7.2...? That's a bit high, it could stop some nutrient uptake. pH 6.2 is more like it for soil I think, although no expert myself....
  6. Thanks Ausweed, I'll look into that.
  7. Ok thanks a lot. Since I'll just be heading to search for this anyways, what are my options to lower ph?
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    Update. Yellowing is definitely worsening. Fan leaves are the worst with two leaves bordering on dead. 😐

    Also been reading some posts that mention N P K deficiency can cause red stems, with has been noted very strongly in the last 2weeks of flowering. Make sense to anyone?

    After further reading, specifically P deficiency from the lower temperatures I have been getting during nights. 15*c. Low temperatures can cause P lockout?
  9. [SUB]Get some pH down from a store. I use 85% phosphoric acid, heavily diluted. Does sound like the pH to me, especially if you are not adjusting it at all. Did you use a pre-mixed soil? If not the pH of the soil might be out as well...[/SUB]
  10. I used a neutral ph soil. Tested the soil last night. Came to approx 7.3 going to get ph down ASAP. Thanks.

    I found the cause of the frickin spots SPIDER frickin MITES.... Sprayed with neem oil and vinegar. Any other suggestions?
  11. 6.5 for optimum ph
    Id flush and feed 3/4 of what your feeding now then just water and then up your original nutrient amount a bit
  12. is that happening to all the plants or just that one in pics?
  13. Perfect. Great chart.
  14. All three of them show signs. The one in the pictures is the worst of the three. And she has gotten worse since the pictures. The other two have fan leaves that are very badly yellowed and the yellow spots from the mites showing on most of the leaves; again, to varying degrees.
  15. ok and you think this was from spider mites or over feeding?not an expert by far but everything ive read tells me most likely sure the mites didn't help either.
    well good luck I hope they turn around for you without too much stress and time lost.
  16. let your soil completely dry out before feeding again 
    roots needs oxygen also.
    Be careful on how much you feed, usually 1/2-1/4 of what the product says is enough.
  17. Thanks, I hope so too. I'm realizing how attached to these plants I am.

    First time through this so I'm very curious as well. I'm guessing it was a combination of over feeding and the mites. I have been feeding 1/4 of label instructions. But definitely on the heavy end of 1/4 strength. I also screwed up and gave them back to back feedings once, instead of the usual 1 feed to 1 water.
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    Thanks, I will do that. Luckily, I have been feeding around a 1/4 strength.

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    Amen brother, fuck those fucking leave, yer not going to smoke the sons a bitches.
  20. Flush her. Use Cal Mag in the future. Also, your PH is high, but that doesn't seem to be the issue yet 

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