My babies are popping out

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Blzn420, Feb 19, 2009.

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    lol anyways here are my babies... they are emerging out of the soil that will created WEED! Let meknow what you guys think about my setup before i plant them outdoors thanks!
    edit: i now have the light coming through the handle where its a little closer to the plants
  2. what kind of soil is that?

    you'll wanna get an emergency blanket or mylar to cover the inside of that box to reflect light back on the plants.

    oh you're growing them outdoors....aha! Lol. still, what kind of soil is that?

    besides that everything looks good! You got some good looking sprouts goin :smoke:
  3. Lookin good man, although I'd keep an eye on the left plant in the second picture down, since its tilted to the side, other than that you're lookin good. I dunno about that light though cause I'm not too experienced with indoor grows. But What are you doing outside, planting them in the ground or leaving them in pots outside?
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    MG organic

    Im going to plant outside just get the tiller and mix in with some compost and transplant them to a place i have out where no one goes.
  5. you're gonna want to get some new soil. Lol i know it sucks, but you'll have to. I used that exact same soil for my first grow, but had to repot it after about 3 weeks cuz it was getting burned. Goto Fox Farm's website and goto the store locator, and pick up some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Most soil growers on here use it.
  6. you gotta ditch the MG asap it's garbage. You need to get fox farms, you can get it at any hydroponics store, and most landscaping places. The time release nutes in the MG usually end up burning the shit out of your plant and killing it. I'm not too sure about the organic MG tho.
  7. well its a good thing i got the little bag lol
  8. Oh yea these are bagseeds ... i plan on getting some fem white widow so these are like my test runs so i dont fuck up $40 seeds lol

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