my babies are frying! ph. question can someone help?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lilac.rain, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. my little sprouts are frying in the acidic potting soil, i just read that sphagnum peat moss is highly acidic, ph 3-5, and im assuming thats why my leaves are twisty and yellowing from nutrient lock out. I have earth juice natural up and down, do i just measure the runoff of the soil with my ph meter, and then add a higher ph to try and raise the ph of all the soil. how do i go about raising the ph to a stable 6.5?
  2. well i guess im going to up the water a bit, well see how it goes. wish me luck!
  3. ya mix some ph up and not sure how that works with soil though..dont know if watering will change soil ph..might have to add some kind of powder idk though im not a expert with changing soil ph.. i know they have soil ph tester kits comes with some pills to test with or something
  4. Yes, that is what you do! You flush the soil with ph up'ed water 'til you get a run off in the proper range. Good luck! After you get it right, let the soil get pretty dry before watering again!
  5. im still having troubles here, i measured the runoff on the ph meter and its right where its supposed to be, but my indoor potting soil mix i spaghnum peat moss based and that has a ph of 3.5-5. should i adjust my water to a 10 on the ph scale to try and combat that? its kinda hard because i cant accuratley measure the runoff
  6. im so lost! the first true leaves on the sprouts are starting to twist, and some bloching that seems to be progressing towards yellow not on the tip but closer to the stem. whats the ptoblem?!

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