My B52 Babies {First Grow}

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  1. I will update this as they grow!
    sorry for shotty webcam pics.

    DATE: AUG-09-07
    Here they are, about 4 days since i put them in the soil.

    Plant #1 - My best one. Great growing and good leaves.

    Plant #2 - Second best, although its largest two leaves are doing quite a bit of curling.

    Plant #3 - So far no leaves. I think the seed shell is stuck on the plant but i'm not going to remove it, looks way too fragile.

    Plant #4 - I think this is the one in worst condition. The ends of both leaves are yellowing. The leaves were sprouting pretty well but shell was still stuck on it so i peeled it off and the ends yellowed. This one has the biggest leaves though.
    plant 4 again.

    If you have any tips i'd greatly appreciate.

    I am currently using:
    Miracle-Gro Seed Starting soil
    Two shitty 40w Floros. I'll upgrade once i become less poor:eek:

    I'll move them into pots in a week or so and transplant them (with current soil) into an organic soil from store. By then i'll be using Grow Big (by foxfarm) veg nutes at half strength.
    Watering daily because of my hot Texas weather dries the soil quickly, but maybe i'm doing it too much.
  2. get rid of the miracle grow shit all it will do is complicate things
    use a basic soil with some perlite
  3. I realize... the reason most ppl use miracle gro, like I did, is cuz it's affordable, not complicated, and seems like it's better than other soils.

    Just remember:
    - upgrading soil is much cheaper than upgrading lights
    - however, upgrading lights directly increases yield multiple times over (with the help of CO2 during flowering). But this aint really necessary till flowering.
    - and remember, your plants might be fine in MG for now or even forever, but MG is associated with a lot of plant sickness. Its associated with it, but noone knows if it really causes it. One thing is sure, it makes your weed smoke taste bad (cuz of hi nitrogen content before harvest)

    If you dont have a lot of money now but you wanna do something that could help your plants, get some Fox Farms organic potting soil first, then worry about the lights when it comes time to flower.

    If you're gonna buy Grow Big now, you should definitely get Fox Farms Ocean Forest for the transplant anyway. Grow Big can be replace by almost any high-phosphorous content fertilizer. I would get both.

    But you WILL need more, or better lights, that's the only thing I can tell you for sure.

    P.S.: No offense, but really, DONT bother taking pitures that look like shit. I can barely make out what's in the picture. Get a better camera or a new phone, you can get a digital camera for like fifteen bucks at Wal-Mart or sumn. Besides, noone really wants to see any pictures right now, unless your plants are sick. Pictures are only useful when plants are about to start flowering and/or you have a really good camera that shows the details on your seedlings
  4. dude miracle grow will kill your fucking plants

    please just listen
  5. Well now i bought tons of this other organic growing soil shit i got from store. Not miracle-grow.

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