My b*tch... Warning: profanity. No one under 18 permited, without parental consent.

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  1. Had a bit of fun with the title :p Now for some more fun:

    My bitch is fine as can be,
    your bitch gave you a vd.

    My bitch is clean and pure,
    your bitch smells of manure.

    My bitch can suck a dick,
    your bitch is a hick.

    My bitch has awesome tits,
    your bitch is covered in zits.

    My bitch sports a thong,
    your bitch looks like king kong.

    My bitch has teeth that are straight,
    your bitch needs to loose some weight.

    My bitch is hotter than fire,
    your bitch looks like shes for hire.

    My bitch would fuck you up,
    your bitch looks like an a cup.

    My bitch has long blonde hair,
    your bitch got raped by nair.

    My bitch can smoke a bowl,
    your bitch needs some birth control.

    My bitch is nice and tight,
    your bitch ain't that bright.

    These are not meant to be sexist or rude, they are just a play on words. This is what happens when I take to long of a T-Break...

    Replace "bitch" with "weed" and some of them become even better :p
  2. My weed has red hair. I don't know if that's the best way to put it, bitch could be different. Like, My girl is swell, your girl looks like she ascended from hell.
  3. My Bitch Got an ass thats Fat
    Your Bitch One an extra long Back.
  4. My bitch is fun to nail,
    your bitch needs a new scale.

    My weed is white as snow,
    your weed looks like oregano.
  5. My bitch always got a thick wallet
    Your bitch is rocking a mullet

    My bitch is cleanly shaven
    Your bitch squawks like a raven

    My bitch is always ready for intercourse
    Your bitch plays Rugby funny dyke sports

    My bitch's tots are top notch material
    Your bitch was diagnosed with something venereal

    haha that's all i got for now, this is fun times though sonny
  6. my bitch wears nothin but her lace,
    yo bitch is a straight up crater face.

    my bitch titties are perfect n perky
    yo bitch titties are twisted n twerky
  7. My Bitch she gets respect like Oprah
    Your Bitch she got necks like Oprah
  8. Ouch! lol!

    My bitch will shoot a bitch,
    your bitch is gonna end up in a ditch.
  9. [ame=]YouTube - My Puss[/ame]
  10. My bitch loves to drink Snapple,
    your bitch has an adam's apple.
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  11. haha is this a rip off of this song

    [ame=""]YouTube- My Dick - Mickey Avalon (Lyrics)[/ame]
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That puss song wins hands down. I forfeit.
  13. My Bitch look good when she wake up
    Your Bitch looks like a dude with no makeup.
  14. My vag is tighter than a twelve year olds

    Your vag, ripped open envelope

  15. ..... lol

    but no this was just couldve did a lil better..u didnt play on words at all ;/
  16. I'm okay with that.
  17. my bitch shot four nigggas.
    i win
  18. My bitch ... ..
    ... ..

    Damn I'm high.
  19. my dick strong and mighty, bitches be chasin,
    yo dick lonely, lookin like a raisin

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