My b-day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TexasDank, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. So my b-day was Tuesday and I notoriously have bad b-days just for various reasons. Tuesday was not an exception till the end of the day really. Anyway to sum it up the bad things were that it was the second day back to school and my and Tues/Thurs classes are my longest and earliest. I go from 9-1:30. I am not a morning person so the 9:00 class is rough. I go to eat dinner with my mom and grandma which was alright plus I got two dos equis on tap for a dollar. Then my mom and grandma start arguing ruining my vibe. Then my lady gets off work and picks me up. She offers to pick up a gram of some dank and roll it up to celebrate my b-day. So I hit up my guy no answer.. So I figure I will not get a callback because of my b-day luck. So me and my lady go to this place called hastings to rent movies and while their about thirty minutes after calling him my guy calls back :hello: So I am stoked and dude brings it to the store we are at. It ends up being some DANK smelt like a skunk but tasted like a pine tree. Dude also offers to try and get me a keg so I dont have to pay a deposit for one this weekend. Come back to my house I come in break down the weed roll it in an extra long clear paper. End up having a bowl left. Go back out to my ladys car drive around smoking. Needless to say we turn into two cops posted talkin with their lights off. Are windows are just cracked so we rolll em up all the way and I hold the blunt low. Let it go out and have my lady take me home who let me keep the rest of the blunt. So needles to say my lady is a bad ass for making my b-day!
  2. Niice. My sister's bday was the same day. ALot of people have aug 24 as a bday. How old r u?
  3. 22 and still living at home and yes it sucks lol. I moved out when I was 18 and came back at at 19 and got stuck. Trying to get college done though so it saves money

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