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my awfull week of work

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Wednesday: got up and to work moderatly early (around twelveish) in a chipper mood. i sat down by the video-editing machine to do some finishing touches on a promo-video. ready to capture some video and get the project done at last. but noooo... the hard-drive with all the goodies on it had *fucked* up, going at 2mb/s instead of the more usual 20mb/s. quick scan showed nothing wrong with the drive, except for its painfull slowness. alas, no video-capture, no editing, no project wrap-up. at around 1400 i gave up. i decided to bring one of my own (healthy) drives with me the day after and transfer the goods onto that (as a stopgap measure. i ordered a new drive. four times as big naturally, but it'll take a week for it to be delivered), and promply went to the bar to fill up on coffee, rumours and beer. later that evening, with a good beer-buzz, further augmented by a few hefty J's i went to sleep thinking, tomorrow will be a nice day, and i'll get that HD up and running.

    Thursday: got up and to work at around 1400 (i'm not terribly used to daylight...) and after a small insertion of my own HD into the editing machine i was ready to start transferring files from one HD to the other. Pressed the on button, and... nothing happened (well, it did go beep, and told me that there was no boot disk). WTF!!! i opened the computer again, checked everything and about ten minutes later i figured that both disks were set as slaves. hohum, pc-guru indeed. with that sorted out i tried to boot again, and got almost as far as the login screen before the whole shit crashed on me and rebooted. again and again. i yanked both drives out of the machine, thinking that the next-door file server could be used for this disk-copying stuff. there is 5 free 3,5" drive bays on that sucker, and enough power to drive a small village (of refugees in somalia mind you, but a village nonetheless). It booted allright, but would only recognize my disk, not the faulty one. dark clouds are gathering. screw that shit, i'm going home. i'll fix it there. my uber-computer can handle anything, and my sooper-dooper tools can rescue any disk, regardless of make, size and satanic tendencies. yeah! well home (after a small 2 pint pitstop at the bar) i lit one of my "let's get some serious work done" bongs. after attaching the two HDs to my computer i left the lid open. afterall, i was going to remove them shortly after, so what the hell. that was a good thing too, since it made some gorgeous pyry-technics as i fired (literally) up the machine. a big yellow flash with sparks flying, followed with a loud boom, and my entire room went dark and smelly. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn... visions of my recently purchased top of the line MotherBoard, CPU and DDR-RAM beeing toast raced through my mind, with the throbbing of much more flowery expressions than damn thrown in for good measure. i took the power supply out, and opened it. one of the capacitators looked like a spent firecracker! the PSU was full of dust, tar, and i can only guess, weedresin. the MB, CPU and RAM looked ok though, no torchmarks near the power connector or other telltale signs. since it was still only 7 in the evening, i figured i could reach the neares computer warehouse with time to spare to get a new PSU asafp. so i did, stoned like hell, and the clerk asked; a new PSU he? 400 watts, my'o'my, upgrading are we? i usually love to have a chat with these clerks, getting the details on some new hardware, but not that evening. anxious and stoned is not a good combination. alas i retorted some weak excuse that "yeees, ehm, right, and with a bit of bad luck, i'll be in tomorrow for some more pricey stuff...". i was however rather lucky. after installing the new PSU everything went as a charm. needless to say, i did *not* try put in that faulty HD in my own machine again, eventhough i just boosted my available pc-power by a 150 Watts. as an extra bonus my machine runs quieter and cooler than before. also needless to say, i got totally ripped after finding out that my baby was alive and well again.

    Friday: this was a good day actually, got up at three, at work at four, rigged some lamps. drank beer, did a kick-ass light show, hung out backstage, drank more beer, went home, drank beer and toked up.

    Saturday: see friday above.

    Sunday: hungover and watched TV. got ripped.

    Monday: another day of HD switcharoo. and after a lot of this and that, it worked (hooray). one perfect copy of a slow HD on a fast HD. Yay!! Not much time to celebrate the fact, 'coz i got called out on a rigging job. got home, and sadly found out i only had enough weed for one joint, and a thin one at that. i didn't get *that* high the day before, did i?

    Tuesday (today): got up and to work way too early. eight in the friggin' morning. looking forward to doing some video-editing and getting that damn project finished. but noooooo. during one of the crashes of the old hard-disk, some of the video-drivers must have gotten screwed up. no video-capture ability. again, four letter words crept into my otherwize serene mind. i spent 8 hours attacking the problem from every possible angle i know of. reinstalling drivers, updating, removing software, reinstalling software. tweaking WinXP, cleaning the registry. everything. at long last, i figured; screw it, i'll reformat the piece of junk and take it from the top. so now i got the editing-machine chugging along reinstalling windows by itself, and tomorrow is another day... luckily i've received a new supply of weed today, or else i think i might have gotten a bit frustrated. and the project is due friday btw.

    To be continued, if i remember

    (sorry if this post was a bit, u know, long :) )
  2. damn, seems busy.
    My week was similar.

    couldnt let all that writing go unreplied to ;D
  3. so, is your hair grey yet?
  4. lol. i just make pizzas all day... today i did it for 11 straight hours... damn my feet hurt, LOL
  5. There.

    Now don't you feel better?:)

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