My Awesome *make a bong out of anything* piece and bubbler!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by CBDASynthase, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So first, i have this Metal tube with a metal bowl on top (homemade!) that you can use to make a bong out of almost anything, my bubbler (that matches my old schools colors), and my oil projector.

    Edit: I know my hands are pale! i just got a cast removed.

    My Bong Adapter

    The Bowl of the adapter

    The Stem of the Adapter

    My Awesome Bubbler

    And my oil Projector (on my ceiling)
  2. your old schools mascot must've been tony the tiger :D

    but its a nice bubbler for sure

    EDIT: where the hell do you buy an oil projector?? I want one for the next time I'm fryin :D

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