my awesome day yesturday

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  1. Alright, so yesturday was a damn good day so I'm deciding to post it. woke up at 7, got to class for 9, 3 hour class, learning some photoshop shit that I already know, pretty friggin boring. As I was leaving a half hour early, my buddy invites me to come chill with him at his place.

    We get there at about noon, and hes got a bong sittin on the floor, and he proceeds to pull out some northern lights and he packs himself a bowl. He rips the whole bowl, and he packs me a big bowl. Since he ripped a whole bowl, I didn't see any reason not to follow suit, and since rippin bongs in no problem for me, I proceed to hit the whole bowl...and cough my ass off.

    He's impressed, but since my tolerance is at 0 right now, I was sooooooo damn high. I thought the bowl he packed me would last me about 2 hours max. Before I would hit a whole bowl of my pipe and be not high in an hour. But I miscalculated lol; 2 hours passed, and it was class time, and I was high all the way through our 3 hour class.

    Now I go to an art college, and yesturday was painting. Our prof is an old english guy and he likes to talk and talk and talk and he just gets on a roll. He was talkin to us about egg tempura and I was just trippin out in my seat. Meanwhile, my buddy whose tolerance obviously must be super high, ripped a 3 bowls before class and he seems perfectly fine lol.

    Anyways, we were workin with egg tempura, and it requires you to apply some to a couple boards. Once you apply the solution to a board and paint on it, it lasts for hundreds of years :O. Anyways, I put my boards on the table, 2 other people did as well. I decide to just do everyones cuz I'm a nice dude. The teacher complimented me on my painting technique and shit and I was like "yeaaaaa".

    then we sat through a boring ass 1 hour dvd about egg tempura and I was still stoned. Basically, I wanted to kill myself :smoke:

    Anyways, later I'm heading home, and heading home means taking a couple buses. I'm talkin to this girl I met before at the bus stop. Nothing special, just friendly shit. She didn't really seem all that interested in me. We get on the bus, and its packed. We didn't have any place to sit. We were just standing and my legs were killing me. An older woman gets up from her seat leaving a place in between a really hot girl, and some dude.

    Naturally I offer the seat to her as she is a lady. She insists that I take the seat, and I do. As I sit her, the really really hot girl sitting next to me sparks up a conversation with me saying I look really familiar. I say yea you prolly saw me at the hypnotism thing (another story but i went to a hilarious hypnotist and was on stage for a demonstration (it did not have anything to do with hypnotism lol)).

    Anyways, were chatting, and I'm stunned at how hot this girl was. She was like megan fox hot. Now I'm too bad lookin if I do say so, but I wouldn't think she'd be interested either way and I don't know if I would have the guts to talk to her. Shes a first year, and I'm a second year. Shes all into me and our conversation, offering things to talk about and shit, I ask for her number later on, and she says "Uhm okay :)" with almost NO hesitation.

    man, it was the best day I've had in a while.
  2. That's tight shit dude. Sounds like the kinda girl I wanna meet haha.

    cool story :smoke:
  3. lol that was alot of writing sooooooooo

    bump :p
  4. high arts tight
  5. nice man

    I wish I didnt decide I wanted to to go business school four years ago... Now I'm too far into it to drop =/ Or am I? lol

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