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    This is my automatik mix from advanced seeds. Severely Stretched and small because of a severe lack of light this summer has bought me Despite this she is in her 4th week of flower (this strain flowers for 12 weeks) and looks and smells great! IMO anyway what does every one else think. Definitely not a yield to write home about but she certainly looks pretty.

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  2. i love the dark green !!!
    mate!!! if this is autoflower it means it takes 12 weeks from seed to harvest... get ready to harvest in max 5 weeks
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    Cheers fella!
    But oh crap hadn't realised! Well dont think thisittle lady is going to be much good then if I have the dates right she is due to finish in two weeks! There is hardly and bud on it at all... Oh well it was a first attempt with nothing but crappy British sunlight on a windowsill. Now I have my tent and lights hopefully my next crop will do better lol thanks for the comment though mate.
  4. looks good add cfls on the sides produce more lower buds
  5. Hey thanks! Just literally picked up two 65 watt cfls 2700k that will hopefully help her in her last two weeks....
  6. well good luck mate, we expect a yield and smoke report
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    Lol you can count on it thanks for the interest. Still waiting on another plant too. A clone that was given to me but was looking a bit sorry for itself I nursed it back to life with a bigger pot and some biobizz all mix. She too lived on my
    Windowsill and stretched. She has been moved intoy tent and is being LSTed in veg for another 3 weeks then I'll try and induce flowering with 12/12 and my two 65watt cfl 2700k. Hopefully shell yield a little more then my auto but not expecting brilliant results but we'll see. Thanks again for your interest and watch this space.... Lol

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