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  1. Hey guys got six autos going beginning week three my auto pounder is a week ahead its only like seven inches has five sets of nodes already but is showing its sex already is that normal? I picked strains tgat have massive yields and if my pounder is already showing sex its about done begging n will flower n it seems too small still uploadfromtaptalk1416752510068.jpg anything else I should know about autos?
  2. Sorry it posted three times guys but I got six strains going all autos 1000watt 18/6 auto pounder is week n half ahead of rest heavyweight bomb candy kush lowryder sweet tooth. My pounder has like five nodes nice n tight its about 8 inches n showing its pistols will it still node n get bigger? I want to top some also give me some tips guys wat do u think I should do n will my pounder keep growing n getting taller before it flowers might b too late to top pounder wat about the rest any help n tips wuld b great tganks here's some pix uploadfromtaptalk1416754226760.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1416754236052.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1416754245360.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1416754253376.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1416754261327.jpg they're all healthy but two of them aren't very strong stalks n kinda flop to a side those might b good for lst I want to try n top a couple wat do u guys think
  3. they look pretty good... you do not want to top autos...  lst yes... fan leaf tucking yes.. because autos are on a timed life cycle any type of stress will hurt your yield..   what are you using for soil?  :bongin:
  4. I just think my auto pounder should b bigger its only like nine inches five nodes showing sex now anyone done auto pounder before?
  5. I haven't done auto pounder before. But I believe she will be taking off very soon. They normally really start taking off about this time.

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  6. Yeah your looking ok I have a royal queen royal dwarf started throwing pistals day 18 then about a week later they take off same with the fruit auto i have my blue mamoth is a lil slower but such a pretty lady

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  7. fox farm what? lol  one of my current grow.. first pic around day 20.. second one is today.. day51..   IMG_0824.JPG            IMG_0844.JPG    ;)
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  8. man i love plants so beautiful your looking very good :)
  9. Lol cool day 51 i was just there a couple days ago

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  10. looking good bubba!   im growing massive midgets...  and have buddha magnums under t-5s.. those can get BIG..   :smoke:
  11. edit  t-5s just for a week then under 900 watt LED,..
  12. Thanks for the input guys my soil is foxfarm w perlite I have to go look at the bag to ser exactly im using 1000watt hope my pounder takes off I began feeding last week wat do u think about topping?
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    DO NOT TOP.. unless of coarse u dont care about yield.. and if ur using fox farm oceans forest i would not recommend any nutes for awhile..  need to know what ya got before anyone can help dude.. and just cuz its labeled pounder dont think ur gonna yield a pound lol... :eek:  
  14. and what nutes do you have? ff trio pack?
  15. Do not too and I would be carful on Lst best to just let the autos do there thing.

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  16. Ya ocean forest
    I have open seasame for flower and dyna for veg also have old miracle grow nutes
  17. All of my autos all under four weeks some not even three are showing there pistils n are . Only like six eight inches will they continue to grow taller and node n branch even tho they're showing sex I want them to get taller n more branches I have it under 1000watt

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