My attempt at a cross joint

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  1. Thought I'd share I guess.

    Can't wait to smoke it :smoking:

    Sorry for the cell phone pic, its all I have right now.

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  2. looks nice man tell us how it burns
  3. looks sweet, i was just telling a friend we should do that. although i just started rolling joints.
  4. pretty nice job, i'd hit it! :smoking:
  5. I have smoked like 3 of those pretty fun to smoke 3 cherry's and intertwine the smoke to one point.
  6. Thanks guys!

    It actually wasnt that hard and Ive only been rolling about 3 weeks.
  7. ben, how'd it burn man ?? :smoking::smoking:
  8. intersects and causes a weed trifectide:smoking:
  9. Wish I could tell you. Havent lit it yet. I will definitely let you guys know how it goes when it happens. :)
  10. not bad, I'm more of a bong dude, but I'd hit that J l;ol
  11. looks good dude!! def need a smoke report! did you use the same kind of weed of 3 different kinds in the 3 parts?
  12. Same kind, its all I had. ;)
  13. looks like a nice trifecta of smoking power
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    ITT:quote pineaple express

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  15. haha I watched that movie last night stoned as fuck. Funny ass shit! I want to try to cross joint, would be fun to smoke that "intersects and causes a weed trifectide" haha :smokes:
  16. How Long did it take for you to role that???:confused_2:
  17. bout half an hour while looking at the guide on how to do it

    i love rolling. its very relaxing.

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