My ass is chafing..

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    Right between the cheeks. Right at the hole.
    I got a new job, cooking for a buffet resturant. Its pretty tough cuz they only work one cook per shift. Today was my third day,  1-9:30 on a Saturday. It was super busy cooked for a little over 1,000 people that shift.  My manager was basically astounded how well I kept up she said I will be able to handle any shift cuz that was like the busiest they ever were-- and I only had about 9 hours training before heh..
    Anyway, I had to run back and forth to the dish room and all around the kitchen finding ladels and spatchulas and ...going to the fridge/freezer and back and forth all night....
    When I got home, my ass is chafed BAD.  Red and sore. Monkey butt.
    I threw some gold bond on it. It wasn't easy hah..
    Anything else I can do to cure / prevent this?


    PS- it feels really good when I fart.
  2. Idk, get some snugger underwear?
  3. Hahahaha i thought you meant figuratively
  4. hey man go to the ointment/cream aisle and ffind yourself some hydrocortisone cream and apply as needed. i used it forr some serious monkey ass after some long bike rides, will help you out. also, keep up on your h2o, i know its hot in them kitchens with that many tickets, i used to serve 500-700 in 3 hours or so, best of luck.
  5. I wear under armor at work under my business pants. Work great, and they are pretty tight. Way more comfy than boxers.
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  6. I got a pair of those underarmor shorts ill try that...
  7. do you get swamp ass? does your sweat smell musky and ass like? 
  8. For sure try it. I haven't worn boxers at work for a couple of years.
  9. You got chefs ass!We all get it working in a hot kitchen. Moisturiser will fix you up the doc could get you some mega stuff i would imagineSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Ya man, I've had this happen, and the thighs. Worst feeling ever. I think what I found from some reading is the sweat dries up and leaves salt on your skin. The salt is abrasive and causes chafing. Wipe the problem area with a damp towel every so often and use some baby powder or something to keep it dry. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  11. Vaseline your asshole
  12. You've gotta use a product to absorb the sweat and prevent the chafing! It's sometimes called monkey butt lol you've also gotta moisturize so it heals the area and stops the current irritation. I found a product that worked for me, I'm a truck driver so I get the problem all the time. Anti Monkey Butt has worked for me for the last few months and I'll never use anything different again Anti Monkey Butt PS it has calamine in it which totally separates it apart from other products like it. I really haven't had the issue anymore
  13. Bruh...

    Corn starch is your best friend, and its probably in the restaurant you work in.

  14. OP is 3 years old yo..
  15. True, but don’t know why you’re quoting me, because I didn’t bump it.
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