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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Kimborasta, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. hehe i like the above one ... keep em comen bud theyr wonderful.... i wish i had talent like yours ;)
  2. That's some awesome stuff. :D
  3. thanks hempress.
    -take care with your dxm usage :D

  4. Oh, I can't do that now. I'm baking something. ;)
  5. Nice work, i like the simple outline of the person and bong.
    Heres a sketch of mien which I added colour to in photoshop:

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  6. wow thats awsome - i only started experimenting wiv graffitis
  7. Hey Kimborasta if you keep on doing sketches of graffiti and practising tehcnigues and tags then youll get good over a few years. Also look at lots of graffiti sites for inspiration and style you like.
    I remember starting at a very basic level for fun, which was about 4-5 years ago, then you get more serious about it, and now starting from only last year i started going out writing.
  8. thanks for the feedbacks people! Because of people like you, iam pretty well motivated.
    iam currently doing exams - when iam done, which will be in the end of june - iam going to smoke hardcore and go art mad... until then...
  9. dude those are sweet, i really like the bong and thinknig dude its simple and all. ...i guess lol keeep up the good work
  10. great work. like many others, i love the one with the bong and the person.
  11. Your shit is motherfucking awesome. I really like your tripped out shit. Kep it coming, do you mind if I print it and put it on my wall? I want to w/ some of them, but I wouldn't w/o permission first.

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