My Arsenal (LOTS of Pics)

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  1. OK I finally found the free time to post pics of my aresnal. here it is:

    The Family
    Custom Hard Case
    Some weed
    Semi-New Spoon & two king size papers (Thanks EDIT)
    Strawberry & Trip Juicy Jays & my mini Bub & Rhoto V's Ice
    Stems (not sure why im savin them yet)
    3 joints, my zig zag roller, & some Vaped Weed (still saving)
    My Da Buddha
    Another Buddha shot
    Cool glass jar for shake
    And my baby, 14" ehle 18.8mm
    All it's componetns
    Ehle pill bottle ashcatcher/precooler
    Diffused downstem for A/C
    My 3 bowls ( one w/ glass gauze)
    A/C w/ diffuser
    Whole setup I
    Whole Setup II
    Whole Setup III
    Whole Setup IV

    alright i think thats enough. let me know what you think
  2. :eek: that is incredible. love the little box with everything you could ever need neatly tucked away.

    awesome stuff man. :smoking:
  3. Sick collection! I absolutely love eye candy threads like this, +rep!

    Also really nice case with the cutouts...I really like that.
  4. Word you are equipped for war:hello:
  5. When those fight

    We toke :smoking:.

    Nice stash man.
  6. Awesome collection man. And the hardbox is sweet, you can fit everything in there.
  7. i love your case man!!

    how much did it put you back?
  8. soooooooo fucking jealous over all your EHLE glass, +rep!
  9. I'd put the diffy in the tube unless it's way too short, looks like it will work though.
  10. nice collection man i love the EHLE glass + rep bro, keep on toking! :smoking:
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    god DAMN that collection is FRESH. A little bit of everything, thats my dream kit, yo! So organized!

    And I would gladly pay you for that stopper on your Ehle :D

    And is that a wax hand next to your vape?

  12. Such a sick collection. That case is the tightest thing ever.

    Nice man!
  13. thanks everyone.

    i actually found the case in my garage. ( i think it came with my parents car when they bought it new) and i got the foam from my work (grocery store). so i only had to pay for everything inside.

    yeah i do that when i dont want to mess with my A/C. im probably going to get a longer diffused downstem for the main tube soon.

    its actually like pure steel or something. its super heavy. my dad found it.
  14. Damn. Your arsenal is almost exactly like mine, only i haven't got my EHLE yet. :p

    I think we would get along well.:smoking:
  15. Can never go wrong with the Rhoto Blues..
  16. nice weaponry ya got ther eh

    seriously though I am jealous of that case
  17. dude thats fuckin beautiful. awesome idea.
  18. bundle of god,

    with bonus arctic rohtos for the mothafuckin winnnnn:smoking:
  19. We have the same things too, I wish I had a case though. I have vaped weed jar, no stem jar, little jar with weed in it, grinder, joint roller, papers, vaporizer, bong, little pipe, bubbler, lol basically everything! haha

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