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my apartment smells like maple syrup

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. but I don't have any maple or syrup products in my place. is there some crazy mold growing somewhere that smells like maple syrup? A sweet smelling dead animal I don't know about? I opened the window to air the place out but it is getting overpowering..
  2. sweet or pungent odor may have mold growth. Most molds produce an earthy smell, which can also smell sweet. Basements often have mold growth because moisture seeps on basement walls or water leaks go unnoticed. The high humidity in basements also encourages mold to grow. Insect infestations are another common cause of a sweet smell in the basement. The University of Florida reports that bed bugs often emit a sweet odor from the oil they produce. Bed bugs can survive up to one year without food. These tiny bugs are reddish-brown and often infest furniture, toys, mattresses, box springs and bedding. Cockroaches may also emit a pungent odor that can smell sickeningly sweet or foul. This is most noticeable infestations are when cockroach populations are large. Most cockroaches are black or brown in color and can be very small or up to 2 inches long.

    thats for basements but could mean normal rooms also?
  3. that is weird as fuck check all the cabinets theres gotta be an explanation.
  4. also

    it could be a dead mouse/rat or something like that

    or ive read on the intertwebbzz that some times people have abandon wasps or bees nest in the walls
  5. You caught me. I have been breaking in to random houses and apartments with maple syrup. I'm sorry it has worried you.
  6. its a ghost "boooo"
  7. You live in an apartment...

    The people downstairs are cooking pancakes.
  8. Did you happen to buy and cook maple bacon without realizing it?
  9. #10 ghostonvacation, Sep 15, 2012
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    shit man good info I mean, I am not a messy person but I should probably keep this place cleaner. I guess it may be mold but I just cleaned a lot recently.
    hmm...good thinking will try that
    man its been going on for days they runnin a bed and breakfast or some shit?!

    Did you happen to buy and cook maple bacon without realizing it?

    naw but my pops did that one time and it stunk out the kitchen like crazy haha oh man good times...dont know wtf to do about this sweet odor though at first it smelled nice now I'm sick of it lol

  10. break into my house and bring me maple syrup.
  11. Hahaha!
    Just get a shitload of scented candles.

  12. a lot of the times mold has nothing to do with how clean your house is, or how clean you keep it.

    my grandmother had a mold problem and her house is as clean as can be. In one of her basement walls moisture was seeping into the wall and rotting out the walls and causing mold. But from the outside at first you couldn't tell at all.
  13. haha im a dude in a patriarchal society I cannot do that....
    wow didn't know that. if it keeps persisting I will ask the building about it I guess haha this is so wack

  14. [​IMG]

    man at first I was worried because I rarely flush after a piss but then I saw it only impacts infants hahah stupid babies
  15. My older brother's first car was an early 90's Corsica.

    For some strange reason, whenever he turned on the AC it smelled like maple syrup.
  16. I'd pay money for my apartment to smell like maple syrup.
  17. Maple syrup is one of the most disgusting substances, and worst smelling scents in the world.

    I feel for you, OP.
  18. Dude you don't have to take pics of your scented candles and post them on FB.
    It can be your own secret.
    When your friends come over, just shove them all in the couch.
    Get a manly smell like sandalwood or diesel.

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