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  1. This is for tobacco smoking not weed ;)
    I think I should make a commercial for the anit-smoking campaign and I could make a real good one. Here it goes.

    A person that is around 18-20 years old is smoking a cigarette outside a hospital. An old guy comes out walks by and tells him "you won't appreciate those when you get older", the smoker shrugs and thinks he'll be fine. The smoker finishes his cigarette walks in the hospital and see's a guy in his 60's in a wheel chair being pushed around the lobby with a oxygen tank and a small tube in his mouth having trouble breathing. (the smoker goes into shock) Then he goes back to his mothers room where she is not doing well. The doctor comes in 5 minutes later and claims that she is diagnosed with lung cancer (the mother use to smoke in her earlier years). The son asks the doctor how long she is going to live. The doctor sadly says she has between 1-5 years. (no one has lived longer than 5 years once diagnosed with lung cancer). The son feels bad for her and ashamed of himself, he quits because of this. Then the son of the mother is sitting in a chair by his mothers side and the mother tells him "don't die this way"
    Black screen then the message
    440,000 people die every year from cigarettes......... 1st. message
    Thats only just in the U.S! 2nd. message
    Think about your future, is it really worth it? 3rd. message

    I think it would be a good commercial and a very informative one. Definitely would make some people quit smoking.
    Tell me what you think of it!
  2. Or you could let people decide things for themselves!

    And your idea wasn't very good.
  3. Of course, its still a persons decision to smoke. I smoke myself and have been for round 7 years. I think its very moving though just because once a smoker gets into the senior years they get health problems and look back and say FUCK, why did I smoke those. I know people who are in there 60's and so and say DON"T SMOKE. Also alot of hospital visits are because of tobacco related illnesses.
  4. *lights up cig*

    let people do what they want to do
  5. Let people do what they wan't and take the risks

    if they die of for them. They knew what they we're doing
  6. Of course. Can't be too damn liberal though. I just wondered what yall thought of this. This is much better than the current anti-smoking commericals. Its not forceful at all. Just giving some things some smokers don't really realize. For me I tell myself "damn I could of lived till I'm 70, but now its late 50's or early 60's". Also I just found out that both of my grandparents died from cigarettes. My grandpa died when my father was only 16 of a heart attack. Thats some real shit. Read everything people write on here before saying some irrelevant.
  7. A lil twist on this would be where the old man said hed regret that in the future, Have it be like the old man in the wheelchair and somehow have it shown that the old man in the wheel chair is HIM in the future.

    But i like the idea, I wish we had more things where it shows the truths of more drugs then jus weed.

    (And ima cig smoker.)
  8. Everyone knows the risks already...

    (lights up clove)

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