My Amsterdam Pics

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  1. Sorry didn't know where to post this read guidelines and made a thread asking about out but anyways heres pic of my recent trip to Amsterdam going back October 7-16

    First of all hey people i heard the mayor and i seen postings that there trying to rid Amsterdam of all the pot and nakedness trying to make it more family like so yeah try to go there fast!!

    And it was amazing! I was staying at my buddies place in Kaiserslautern Germany and me and his buddy drove north on the autbahn to the Netherlands to get up there and it was funny cause as you were getting closer to a*dam there would be a first sign with a normal yellow face with a frown then about half a mile down there would be another sign face but it would be just a regular face no frown or smile... and when you got in the Netherlands is when the happy face sign came up it was funny as hell. And there was this really badass dealership[ to the right that only sold exotic cars etc.

    Well anyways we didnt goto the bulldog coffeeshop because there was so much tourists n shit there so we went to about 4 other ones that offfered a variety of grass, and there was like chess and everything it was so chill.

    In the first coffee shop we went to called dread rock i ordered some Hindu kush and my buddy ordered some white widow. So we sit down and theres these 2 Brazilian chicks next to us eating some really sweet(taste wise) hash cake's and were getting our game on with them and it was going good(keep in mind were sober) and when we get our gram of lusciousness we start lighting it up and getting our tickets to cloud nine and they ask us if we like the band Veel Futz and we look at each other like wtf then we turned around and told them were wearing are chucks not our steel boots hahah i was like i cant walk around here wearing that hahahah shit was so funny but totally ruined our game cause we got high as a kite. More to this story though but anyways....

    we goto a bar to have some brewsks and we order a home brew called Laffe and even though were high as fuck this was the worst beer in the entire world of beer steel reserve is better! lol so if you go dont get that!

    Then of course we got to the red light district and were stoned out of our mind im talking like 10 vikings from planet mary jane came to us and stoned us to death haha, Anyways it took awhile to get to the RLD but we found it and those ladies are stunningly gorgeous no joke there beyond supermodel status and you always see them come out with like water or a stick to hit the stupid American tourists.

    Not to be mean but every time we would come to a corner or see something on the street would immediately say those damn Canadians have been here shittin everywhere! hhahaa we would yell that out all the time.(deuce biggalow)

    And of course we had Czech Republics finest Absinthe and a nice tall glass of newcastle to top off the first night.

    Of course we went to the van gou museum Anne franks house and the pot museum...............we were stoned the whole time haha.

    On the road from German to The Netherlands

    Entering the Netherlands from Germany

    Stopped at this little house/store to as for directions.

    Now entering Amsterdam

    Storm coming into a*dam luckily didn't last long

    One of many canals

    In Dread Rock coffee shop with some Brazilian chicks

    My gram of luscious White widow(sorry lousy picture)

    I was gone

    Me and my best friend at CLub Escape

    I didnt take much pics after that i was blitaed and drunk but heres the morning after of us

    Day time Now

    Our Hostel was located on top of this building

    Some views of a*dam from our hostel

    Another view
  2. thats sweet was it fun?
  3. Was it fun?! Is that what you just asked the man?

  4. Sheezy man i went holland couple days ago to goes and amsterdam... My pics are immense
  5. my friend went and all his shit got ruined and plans fucked up so i was just wonderin
  6. Thanks for posting the pics man, I love seeing pictures of Amsterdam!!! :hello:

    I think I stayed at that same hostel once ..looks freakin' familiar lol
  7. Yeah it was hell fun for what I can remember lol. Im going back in October to be exact the 6th to the 16th. If anyone else is going in that time frame we should totally meet and smoke up!
    If anyone has any pics from your a*dam pics please post!

    TO answer the question did i have fun? Notice I didn't take that much pics.... sooo hell yeah :)
  8. lucky bastard...I envy that place......

    just never really ever been out the country yet... im drunk and that made me laugh:smoke:
  9. looks like you had fun. +rep for sharing the pics

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