My Amsterdam Coffeeshop Strains (Close Up)

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    Well I got back from Amsterdam last night after 4 days of being in the awesome city.
    The 1st two days were a total haze with the amount of green being smoked, I found it to be different to my usual pickups back here (highwise). The highs i got off super lemon haze,G13-Haze etc were all very tired highs rather than head high.

    I went with a friend and we must have spent a good 200 euros on strains.

    Super Lemon Haze - Greenhouse
    Chocolope (One of my favourites - Really uplifting high) - Grey Area
    Amnesia Haze (Seriously strong) - Greenhouse
    Haiwain Snow (I didn't have this strain but my friend loved it) - Greenhouse
    G13 Haze - Barneys (HUGE Cushiony buds)
    Kings Kush - Greenhouse
    Blue Cheese - Barneys
    Big Buddha Cheese - Grey Area
    Jack Herer - Dampkring
    Neville's Haze - Dampkring
    Cheese - Homegrown Fantasy - AWESOME.




    Haiwan Snow

    Bowl of Super lemon Haze (I think).


    Chocolope - Grey Area! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
    More Haiwan Snow

    Kings Kush
    Amnesia Haze
    Nevilles - Dampkring
    Big Buddha Cheese

    Not even too sure what this strain is but damn!!!:eek:


    I wish I was back there. I would love to live there for a year or so in a little flat in the busy streets. Everyone talked of crackheads and shit when I was planning on going over. We saw 2 on our first day that shouted across at us to buy some skunk but other than that every person was friendly and most of the Dutch women are absolutely gorgeous!

    Anyway please comment :)
  2. You had a good visit :smoking:
  3. bump people!
  4. Looks real nice man!

    I went there this summer for ONE day only lol... i flew there in the day, and flew back at night (was using tactics - my parents wud never let me.. BUT I GOT AWAY WITH A DAY TRIP LOL! So weird just walking back in the house with no one knowing that i just had a day out in amsterdam smoking my brains out lol) Def wish I had more days there!

    Wasn't it just amazing smoking in a coffeeshop, looking around, and just seeing everyone else smoking and enjoying themselves, eating food, reading a newspaper/magazine? It makes you really wonder why it's illegal.

    And you fond those strains to be really tiring? Strange because the haze's are mostly Sativa (uplifting). However, I think I know what you mean - This stuff is so strong it can feel like its packing such a punch that it wears your mind out.

    I have to say I loved Barney's the best. They seemed most professional, and organized. Their Vanilla Kush was amazing! Did you try it? 2009 cup winner!
  5. oh, and me and my friend had like.. 20 bags of unfinished, top-end strains by the end of the day (we were just on a mission to try EVERYTHING!).... ended up giving it to the guys sitting next to us at GreenHouse when we had to catch our flight..... bunch of very happy people lol :D
  6. Yeah Barney's was our 1st coffeeshop of the trip. Was so wierd seeing everyone just chilled out smoking marijuana compared to life where i stay in which it's frowned upon! So ridiculous that it's illegal. If they legalised it in the UK the money they could make off Tax and advancement in medicine makes them look like idiots to make it illegal.

    Some of the strains I did find very uplifting,chocolope was one of my favourites. Such a happy high! I think when your smoking THC at such a high level constantly it eventually wears your mind out.

    And yeah I went to buy Vanilla Kush but it was all out :( so the guy showed me some G13-Haze and it looked like nothing i'd ever had before! Couldn't have handed the money over any faster!

    Greenhouse was one of my favourite coffeeshops,really nice atmosphere with the fish tank in the floor. Barney's I found the staff to be pretty cocky but hey who the hell wouldn't be when your making a living selling marijuna in Amsterdam!! The 420 Cafe was superb though. We went here on our last day while trying to finish up some strains, we didn't buy anything in there other than drinks but it had an awesome atmosphere. The most chilled out I felt out of most of the coffeeshops.
  7. Yeah, sounds like you had a great time!

    Hehe, and I know what you mean about the cocky staff - got a few jokes from one of them too. Lol, but as you said, if your selling marijuana every day - and your going in for marijuana, don't take their jokes so personally lol! I figured it was Amsterdam way of life, because I also got some sarcastic jokes from the vender at Dampkring ("Sure you don't want to buy the whole menu?!") lol.

    Loved it. I have to say, G13-haze was one of my fav's.

    If u want a really uplifting and clear headed high, get a bit of Mexican Haze from Dampkring (the more modern one opposite Popeye's coffeeshop). Its incredible, 100% sativa. I asked for something uplifting and he handed it to me. Unlike any strain i've ever had - this strain is CRYSTAL clear in the head! So... fresh! Lol only way to put it... no groggyness i found.
  8. I plan to go back next year at some point. Will definately grab a gram or two of the mexican haze, sounds lush!
  9. Oh and damn they must have been super happy! Imagine just being given weed! Never happens!!!

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